Saturday, July 31, 2010

Walgreens 8/1

Complete Multi-Purpose Solution $7.99

-$7.99 RR


Alive! Energy Multi Vitamins $10

- $10 RR


Crayola Washable Markers $3

- $3 RR


Crayola Crayons $1

- $1 RR


Ester-C B1G1

- $3 8/1 RP

Nature's Bounty B1G1

- $2 8/1 RP

Osteo Bi-Flex B1G1

- $1 8/1 RP

Flex-a-min B1G1

- $4  8/1 RP

Bic Disposables B1G 50%

- B1G1 8/1 SS

- $3 7/11 SS

Tide $5.99

- $1 RR

- $1 8/1 P&G

= $3.99

FREE Gillette body wash at Target

Target sells this for $1.99. Use your new $2/1 coupon from 8/1 P&G to get it for free!

$1 off any One Morningstar Farms Veggie Foods Product

click HERE

New Clean & Clear Coupons

click HERE

HIGH VALUE COUPON-Pepperidge Farm Cookies

click HERE

Thursday, July 29, 2010

CVS- A great find today at the Bloomingdale store on Lake street

Thie first one was $4.99 (marked down from $40) and the second one was $3.99
They are great and they had a bunch.
You could also buy the minerals seperately.

Jewel-if you drink bottled water then get over to Jewel 7/30 and 7/31

$2.99 for 24 pack (Limit 4)
Buy 4 at $11.96
Get back $5 Catalina
Final Cost $6.96 for all 4=$1.74 a case!

Meijer Froot of the Loom and Kelloggs deal

When you buy 3 Fruit of the Loom products and $10 worth of Kelloggs items, you will
instantly get $10 off your total. You can buy many different Kelloggs items. I picked the Fiber Plus cereal because it is on sale $2.50 each, and I got high value coupons  HERE
Then I used $1/2 Fruit of the Loom coupon HERE
Prices on which Fruit of the Loom product you buy will vary.
My final price was - $12.97=$1.85 per item.
I ALWAYS get new underwear for the kids before school starts so it worked out great AND the cereal doesn't expire for 12 months!

Dominicks- total $7.97= .79 per item

Well it took me a good 8 months of doing couponing before I'd go to Dominicks. I never cared for the store BUT I'm liking it now. They take expired coupons and it really pays off.
They have what they call "SUPER COUPONS" in their flyer and you can also use reg. coupons with them to get
an awesome deal.
Lucky Charms are $1.49 (with Super coupon).
I used expired $1.50/2- you can find $1/2 in 7/11 SS
Cinnamon Toast Crunch is $1.88(with super coupon) 
I used the expired $1.50/2 or you can use $1/2 in 7/11 SS
Rockstar energy drinks are $1(with super coupon)- I used an expried coupon from a tear pad $1/2-.50 each
Cheetos are on sale $1.49 (with super coupon)- I used $1 off Zingers in 5/9SS- .49 each

Ultra- well worth the trip

10 ziploc boxes for $5.90 (including tax)
crazy cheap price for these.
They are on sale for $1
Used $1/2 from 7/25 SS
Ultra will give rain checks.

Jewel- $2.06 including tax!

Prego on sale for .99- used 2 - $1/2 HERE final price .49 each
Athenos hummas B1G1-use 2/B1G1 Free coupons HERE final price- 4 FREE

Monday, July 26, 2010

Quickie at Jewel cost me $1.88- price before coupons $14.57

If youv'e been following me then you got the FREE bread (use this coupon first cause it requires a $10 purchase)and FREE produce coupon.
If you send away for samples then you know you get coupons for FREE food, or high value coupons.
The Kraft Mayo and Mac n cheese were 100% FREE!

Target shopping- total $6.77- .84 each item! Without coupons this would have cost me $20

Buy 6 boxes of Kashi TLC Bars for a total of $15

Use 2 buy 2 get 1 FREE Target store coupons

Plus, stack with 3 $1.50/2 coupons found HERE

Final cost ONLY .91 per box!

Oscar Mayer hotdogs on sale for $1.49
use the $1/1 coupon I posted a few post back
final price: .49

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Total .54 for all 12 packs of gum!

They are on sale at Jewel B1G1F, BUT they also had coupons
on a display for B1G1F. SO both were free and I only paid the tax.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

This is B1G1 from Sundays paper

Found these coupons in 7/25 RP. I've bought this product before and it' a SPARKLING (fizzy) water
that is flavored with Lime, Lemon, Rasberry Lime or Mandarin Orange. Is good alone , but is GREAT as
a mixer with Vodka! I've bought them at Dominicks, could not find them at Jewel today.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meijer deals starting 7/22

Bagel Bites $1.50

Use $1 HERE

Final Price: .50

Shedd’s Country Crock $.99

Use .40 HERE

Final Price: .59

Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice $1.25

Use $1/3 from 7/11 RP

Final Price: .92 each

Activia or Danactive $2

Use $1 7/18 SS

Final Price: .$1

Kelloggs Nutri grain bars $2.49

Use  .75 7/11 SS

Final Price : $1.74

Snyder pretzels $1.50

Use $1 6/27 SS

Final Price : .50

Fast Fixin Chicken $3.50

Use $1 July All You

Final Price :$2.50

Eckrich smoked sausage $2

Use .75 6/20 SS

Final price : $1.25

Eckrich franks $1.50

- $1/2 Mealbox

Final Price: $1 each

Meijer milk $2

Suave deodorant $1.67

Use .50 7/11 RP

Final Price : $1.17

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner $2.89

Get $2 CAT wyb 2

Use 2 $1 from 6/13 SS or here

Final Price: .89 each after CAT

Old Navy- Teacher and Student Sale July 23rd-25th. Must show school I.D.

FREE Bagel Fridays at Eienstein Brothers! One coupon per person.

click HERE

Kraft cheese at Meijer .66 each after cat-they freeze great too.

Buy 5 and get $5 back.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

More FREE bread and produce at Jewel today

This cost me .33!!
You can go as many times as you like for your free produce and Jewel breads.

Meijer today. Spent $5.24-should have been $39.51

The Contessa frozen meal were 1/2 off, plus I used 2/$1.50 off from 6/20 RP
Yoplait Greek yogurts on sale for .99-use $1off/2 I found in Jewel or .30/1-7/11SS
I also used 2- $1/3 in the Meijer Mealbox
Bestlife butter is .99- used 4-$1/1 coupons 6/13 RP-7/11 RP
Crystal light Pure on sale $2 each, I had $2 off 1 from when I requested a sample.

Dominicks - cheap yogurt

Use 5 coupons HERE (Like them on Facebook, 2 coupons per computer)
I got then .27 each!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


click HERE

Local pools are discounting pool passes-check your town.

Bartlett outdoor and indoor pool  pass will be reduced
by 40% starting 7/19.
It's worth it if you plan to visit 4 times!

I sure hope everyone is doing this Jewel deal as much as possible.

This is my third time around.
This trip cost .25!!!!
Back tomorrow for more bread and produce. What shall
I get this time?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010