Monday, April 30, 2012

YES- Jewel again : )

Used Jewel in-ad coupon from Thursday for the FREE snuggle
then an ALL coupon
used 2 $1/1 Starbucks freshers from a tear pad
used a $5 Cat
final cost - .62

Jewel- I was told by a cashier that I'm an extreme couponer LOL

Skinny Cow coupon was a peelie from a friend
total - $4.34

Total - .41 YAHOOEEEE
7-UP coupons were printables a few weeks ago
I also had Tear Pad coupons for the refreshers so they were FREE

MORE Jewel- the morning people at Streamwood store were all so nice.

Yeah so I'm not a Pepsi drinker, but I'll be going to parties
this summer and will bring it with me there.
Bought 6 waters, got a cat for that.
Total -$15.23 with a $5 cat back

That's Di Lusso cheese and turkey. Cheese was
$3.99 1/2 pound and turkey was $4.29 1/2 pound
used MQ and store doubles on all
.Best life  coupon HERE was .19 after 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jewel BULL

I wonder why it is.... that when I went to the service desk at three different Jewels to ask for more Jewel Double coupons (their promotion) every single person was acting very put out and as if I was asking for their first born child! I don't get it. Why are they coping an attitude with me?  The store they work for is doing this promotion. Why must us couponers be made to feel like we are not worthy. Don't they know this promotion is bringing in more business and that means job security for them?! I'm going to speak up if I have anymore problems with this issue.

More Jewel

I screwed up on the sausage!!!! You need to buy 4 to make it a better deal.
All coupons from inserts
total- $4.69

Pop tarts coupons were from $1/2 peelies I got at a wal-mart in Lake Geneva
all the rest are from inserts
total -  $12.94 
I'm still looking over my receipt because it
seems too high.

Jewel doubles deals- I will post every thing I buy BUT you can macth up the coupons. I'll let you know if a coupon I used is not from an insert.

Edys- used 3 FREE cats 
Lean cusine $1/2 from catalina machine
Zone Bar- Used FREE coupon from Manuf.
all others from inserts
total- $5.69

Peak Tea $1/1 from cat machine at jewel
Dr. Pepper .75/1 cat machine at jewel
Pretzel crisp $1/1 ( I posted a few days ago)
total - $6.39

all inserts coupons
Great thing is I made money on the Finese because I also had
a jewel store coupon for $2 off any 2 hair products
total -$1.19

Of course I used the Jewel Doubles coupons.

Friday, April 27, 2012

FREE is great

One of the above coupons I got from Meijer
One I got from a friend
and One I found at the register at Jewel with lots of other ones.
I now have 3 FREE Edy's snack cups
Remember theses are MQ, and can be used anywhere.
Regardless of the fact they have a store name on them.

Here are a couple of the others I found.
One is for $1 of a meat purchase.
You can use it on any meat purchase along with a MQ.

The second one is $1.50 off any household cleaning product.
Coupled with a MQ it can make for a great deal.

I recently used $1 off ANY hand wash. Well I used it on the Soft Soap when
it was $1. I bought 2 and used 2-.35 MQ (which are expired)
each bottle was .15!

Meijer last night- there were plenty left

Nivea body wash _ $3.07
used 6- $2/1 in 4/15 RP
final price- $1.07
they are huge bottles
they were on an end cap by the vitamins!

Seventh Generation on sale $11.99
I used my FREE coupon the company sent me.
This was a $30 order before coupons 
I paid $6. ??


Just went to Jewel to do some homework for the doubles starting Sunday. No one over there knew anything about the doubles. BUT I did a question answered. If you have a coupon that exceeds the cost of the produce they WILL adjust it down.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good stuff-wait for a sale. B1G1 would be nice

$1.00 off any size Pretzel Crisps
click HERE

Meijer-4/26 I also bought the pork (not shown) $1.89 a pnd.

On sale $1
used 4- $1/1 HERE
you can only get 2 coupons per facebook account
Bloomingdale was fully stocked at 8:00 a.m.

Everything below is part of the buy 8 get an instant $8 off
I did 2 transactions

.99 after instant
used 4-.75/1 in 4/1 SS
stacked with 2- .50/2  in MEIJER MEALBOX
final price- 4 FREE

$1 each after instant savings
BUT if you have the $1/2 from 3/18 SS
final price- .50 ea.

$2 ea. after instant
used 2- .60/1 in 4/1 SS
final price- $1.40 ea.

$1.99 after instant
I totally screwed up here and brought EXPIRED coupons by mistake. BUT 
I already had my first transaction done and didn't want to go and search for something else.
BUT I got a $2 OYNO cat back
final price- $1.99 not counting the catalina

Oscar Meyer Bacon $2.99 after instant
I had peelies from a month ago $1/2
final price- $2.49

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I've just heard (from Melissa) that Jewel will be starting up double coupons again!! Starts this Sunday. OMG I'm so excited. It was such a frenzy for me last time- I will do my best to post my deals.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Who's ready for Summer! Jewel- total bill $2.71, I used a $1.50 RR from Wags

Ken's salad dressing .99 ea. wyb 2 and use in-ad coupon
also used 2- $1/1 in 3/11 SS
final price- 2 FREE

Lawrys Marinade is B2G1FREE
used 3-$1/1 in 4/15 RP
final price- 3 FREE

These are Meat Marinades
B2G1 FREE at $3.49 ea.
they had $1/1 peelies on them
final price- $1.32 ea

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NOT good news from Meijer- so bummed about this.

“We wanted to extend a sincere thank you to our Facebook community for your feedback regarding the recent changes to our coupon policy. To clarify, Meijer is one of the few retailers that still allows its customers to stack a manufacturer and store coupon. However, Meijer has never allowed the stacking of manufacturer paper coupons. A software limitation in our mPerks system has been allowing this to happen when a digital coupon has been used with a paper coupon, and manufacturers have asked us to refrain from this type of stacking. We anticipate this issue will be fixed within the next couple months.
Customers are still able to stack manufacturer with Meijer coupons where applicable, based on the printed coupon rules.”

$1.75/2 GM cereals - Print it asap cause it'll go away fast

click HERE

Monday, April 16, 2012

Target 4/16- ALL coupons I used are from

Revlon Nail Files $2.89 ea.
I used $5/2
I printed a few weeks ago
(or use $2/1 avail. on site now)
final price- .39 a pack

Men's Up&Up shaving cream $1.09
used 2- .50/1
final price-  .59 ea.

Up&Up nail polish remover .97
used 2- .50/1
final price- .47 ea.

Mossimo and Merona  Shirts
Tanks are $6 (on sale) and other shirts vary
I used 9-$3/1
final price- $3-$7

Market Pantry pasta (all) and ALL the sauces (not just alfredo)
are on sale $1
I used 2-$1/wyb a sauce and pasta
final price- $1 for both!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wal-mart anyone?

I checked site. I clicked on Wal-mart and here's what I'm getting.
Franks hot sauce
Kens Salad dressing
Hormel chili (good for appetizers)
Nexcare band aids
Sauve deoderant
there's more good deals, but that's what I want.

This is a great coupon- if you like ice tea print a bunch. You'll be able to get these for .25 or less!

use zipcode 77477 click HERE

I'm sorry I've not posted much lately.

I've been living off the stockpile and when I do shop it's been small. So I've not posted. Please be patient with me. I promise I'll be on here again next week.

Monday, April 9, 2012


$1/2 HERE

Wags- I did the finish and Reach- remember you can use your RR at JEWEL!

Reach Toothbrush, $2.99 Get $2 RR
Use $1/1 Reach Toothbrush from 3/4 RP
Final Price = FREE
Luster White Toothpaste, $4.99 Get $4 RR
Use $.75/1 Luster White from 3/18 SS
Final Price = $.24
Finish Dishwasher Products, $3.99 Get $1.50 RR
Use $.75/1 Finish Powerball Tabs or Gelpacs from 3/11 SS
Final Price = $1.74

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I did shop today but don't have time for pics and match ups. Mashupmom has them though

I only went to Ultra , Meijer and grabbed the Indian Popcorn and Chipins at Wags.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jewel 4/3

College in Broth is .47 on sale with no coupon
limit 8

Libbys Veggie are on sale 4/$3 get back $1 cat
used 2- $1/4 in 3/18 RP
final price- CHEAP

Di Giorno $5 not a good price
BUT it's my little man's fav. and I needed to burn that $3 off any frozen item
so $2 was good

Land O Lakes 2/$5
used 2- $1/1 in 3/18 SS
final price- $1..50

Kraft Marshmallows are on sale $1
used 2- .40/2 in 3/25 SS
got back 2- $1 cats. You get $1 wyb 2

Fisher Snacks are on sale $1
used $1/1 in 2/5 SS

Meijer 4/3

ALL the Rice Krispy boxes at Meijer had these coupons on them.
Use them for  free M&M's
Kellogs cereal is on sale 5/$10 (you know you don't have to buy 5 for that price.
Also WYB 4 you get an instant $2 off
I used 2-$1/2 in 4/1 RP
handed over 2 of the peelies from the boxes 
final price- .66 per item!

Domino Sugar on sale .99
used 2- .75/2 in 3/18 RP
final price- .61 ea.

Meijer eggs . 88 no coupon needed
Meijer boneless skinless chicken breast $1.99 a pound

Red and Green Grapes on sale $1.18 a pnd.

I promise to post this afternoon-did a couple good deals this morning