Friday, August 31, 2012

good one

click HERE

Dominick's 8/31

10 packs of Oscar Meyer hotdogs are on sale $1.99
load $1/1 on your JUST4U
then get back a $10 cat (see below)

Kettle Chips $1.88 with in-ad coupon
load on JUST4U also 
here's why- I had loaded it and given her the coupon. 
I told her I thought I had loaded it but use the coupon
just in case. She had already hit whatever button it is they hit to get
all the card saving off. She entered the coupon and more came off!
Also used 2-$1/2 HERE
final price- should've been $1.38
I got them for .88

Gala Apples are $3.99  for 3lb bag
I used $1 off JUST4U

Mariano's doubles coupons on Wednesday's and Saturday's!

Up to $1 coupon they will double up to 5 MQ- must have a $25 purchase min.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

You think I've got too many bags of Doritos? 3 are not shown

For every two bags you see here I've got a case of beer!

Jewel 8/30 - total- $10.61, you would pay more for the beer alone!

Buy a case of Bud and get 2 Doritos of your choice for a penny!
Since they are not free you can use a coupon.
I found peelies at Meijer for $5 off 24 pack of a Bud product wyb 2 bags of Doritos!!

Kraft Cheese Slices $1.28 with in store coupon
I used $1/1 I had leftover from a Kraft deal.
No longer avail,. use here if you still have any.

Cracker Deal I posted below.
I've already done it three times!
Most don't expire until next year. Now's the time 't buy
for those Holiday parties!

Thanks to my good bud for giving me a heads up on the
Pantene. She was at the Bartlett store and saw that they
were $1.50 each. Well all you need is the $3/2 in 7/29 P$G.
They were on an end cap. It's color is the only one on that sale.
Also there's a sign stating that store only!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Do you want Nabisco crackers for .57 a box?
Then print the coupon in an earlier post for the buy2get1FREE
and also print this one $1/2 HERE 
You can use 1-of the buy2get1free and 1- $1/2

Heads up for Thursday

I've only looked at Jewel and it going to be good!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Nice coupon-use zipcode 77477

click HERE

$1/1 VERY NICE-on sale Wal-Mart

click HERE

On a good note.....

I brought my receipt from last week back to the Meijer to see if they'd give me the 11th FREE item I forgot to grab, and they did : )

8/27 Meijer- learn from my MISTAKES!!

Kraft Shredded Cheese  is on sale $1.88
it is also part of a Catalina
buy10 selected Kraft item's get back $10 cat
PROBLEM IS it didn't include the 7 oz, only the 8 oz.
SO I got back a $5 cat.
The cheeses should cost you .38 ea, but mine was .88
So use $1/2 HERE
and buy 8 oz and it should work out.
I also got 2- Kraft salad dressing
used 1-$1/2 HERE

Triscuit's are on sale $1.99 ea.
used $1/2 in MPERKS (problem is it
will not work for the crisps!)
so you need to buy regular
Also used .75/2 in 8/5 SS
should have cost me- $1.11 ea
but I paid- $1.61 I might return them!

HELUVA good dip on sale-$1.29
used 2- $1/1 HERE
final price- .29

Simple Pleasures $3.69 (RIP OFF only 5.6 oz)
used 1- $2/1 in 9/19 SS
also used $1/1 Target Q HERE
final price- .69

Orbit and Eclipse Gum on sale $1.99 ea.
used $1.50/1 on Target site but is a MQ HERE
final price-.41 a pack

Corn is .19 ea.
Grapes are $1.18 a pound

Aldi 8/27

Baby Carrots .49
Avacados .49
Black Beans .59
Oregano .99
Tortilla chips $1.19
Strawberries $1.59
potato chips $1.49
Pretzel Sticks $1.29
Sweet Potato Chips $1.99
All the snacks are just as good as name brand and we eat them unless
there's great coupons and deals on name brands.
total $11.39

Jewel 8/27

4 Edy's 1.5 quart ice cream $2.88 ea
use 2- $1/2 HERE use zipcode 60438
get back a $4 cat for your next visit
final price- $1.38 ea. ( I included the cat since I used cats)

Miller Lite is on sale $12.88
buy 1- 24 bottles or cans and 
get for .01 Cheeze-it and Coke liter

Budweiser bottles $13.97
buy 1- 24 pack cans or bottles
get 2 bags of Doritos for .01
I also used a peelie for $5/ Bud wyb 2 bags of Doritos!
Final price- $8.97 for all three!

Sambazon Acai Blends on sale $1.99
used 2- $1.50/1 HERE
final price-.49
you can find them on Organic Produce area

I used 2 cats that equaled $10
paid $23.56
got back a $4 OYNO

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I did some couponing this Summer, but I spent most of my time having fun with family and friends.
It's now time to get my stockpile back to where it should be. Fall is the best time to coupon.

Below is NOT my stockpile. It IS an example of the space I wish I had for my stockpile!

Jewel 8/23

8-Scotties Tissue on sale $1
used 4- $1/2 HERE
go to local saving and enter
 zipcode 12345
final price- .50 ea.

Azteca chips on sale B1G1
$2.69 ea
final price- $1.34
they have a NOV. expiration date too!

buy 10 get $5 off instantly
9 Twizzlers
used 3- $1/3 in 7/29 SS
final price- $1.15 a bag!

Needed one more item so I grabbed the Hunts Ketchup

Meijer 8/23

Healthy Choice FROZEN Greek Yogurt on sale $2
used 3-$1/1 HERE
final price- $1 ea.

Danimals Yogurt on sale $1.89
used 2-$1/1 TQ HERE
also used $1/2 MPERKS
final price- .38 ea.

American Cheese Slices on sale $2 ea.
used 3 -$1/1 HERE
buy 3 get 1 Kraft slice cheeses FREE
also got a $2 cat back

Buy 10 get the 11th FREE
Everything above is $1
I forgot about the 11th item cause I was rushing for an appt.!
3 Aunt Millies English Muffins $1
1 Chex Mix - used .50/1 in 8/5 GM
2 Betty Crocker Potatoes - used - .50/2 HERE
4 Betty Crocker Brownies - $1/4 MPERKS MQ

Dentex $3 ea. buy 2 get 1 FREE
used 2 -$1/1 HERE
final price- $1 ea.

Snapware $2.39- used 2-$2/1 in 8/19 SS
final price- .39

Rainbow Salad- $1 (love this stuff)

Progresso Recipe starters $1.33
used TQ .75/2 HERE
used 3- .50/1 in 8/19 SS
final price- .58 ea.
it's a better deal to do 6, but I only got 4 papers that weekend : (

Full price-$2.99
much cheaper and just as good at Aldi
BUT I had an appt. to go to.

I used my $10 gift card from OLAY!
Paid $17.82 out of pocket

Monday, August 20, 2012

$1/12 pack

click here and enter zipcode 51501

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Bic Soleil Razors are $4.69
I used 6 -$3/1 in 8/5 RP

FINAL PRICE- .33 a razor!

Don't have time to post everything, here's what I got and you can do the match up on

Ground Beef
Green Onions

Did the buy 10 get an instant $10 off

5- Crystal Lights used 5- $1/1 tear pad= $1 ea.
2- Philly Cream Cheese =.99
2- Ritz used . 75/2 in 8/5SS = $1.12 ea.
1- Mac n Cheese 4 pack single serve- $1.99

Also bought 12 pack of Bud
and a jar of Tostito Queso
Bud had a $1 off  peelie wyb the Queso

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jewel 8/7

Deans Sour Cream on sale $1.85
I used 2- .55/1 in 6/3 SS
final price- $1.30

Skinny Cow Milkshakes $1.73
used 2- B1G1FREE Cats I got awhile back
final price- .86 ea.

Ronzoni Pasta $1
buy 4 and got a $2 cat
final price- .50 (since I paid with a cat)

Red Vines- $1.99

French Bread - FREE
used a cat for free bread with a $10 purchase

Ocar Meyer Bacon- FREE
used a coupon the company sent me for
FREE up to $9 
Bought the most exp. I could find

Sweet Baby Rays Dippins Sauces on sale $1
buy 3 get a $1 cat
used 3-.50/1 hang tags found awhile ago
final price- .17 each!

Dominick's 8/7

Jingos 2/$4 wyb 2 or more
used 6- $1/1 HERE
final price- $1 a box : )

Pop Tarts $1.88 a box
I used 2- $2/3 in the Start School Like a Champion Booklet
final price- $1.21 a box
ALSO got back a $4 CAT!

Lays Kettle Chips on sale 2/$4 wyb at least 2
I used 3- $1/2 in 7/22 Pepsico
final price- $1.50 ea

Mission are B1G1 w/in ad coupon
used 2- .55/1 peelies I found awhile back
final price- .69 ea

I loaded on my JUST4U $3/10 produce
Lemons .50 ea 
Garlic-.50 ea.
Gala Apples $1.79 a pound
(what happened to the days Caputos sold them for .69 a pound!)
Russett Potatoes $2.99 5 lb
Stir Fry Veggies $1 a bag

awesome deal on hair products and Chocolate- both are girls best friends!

Hershey snack packs 6 pack 3/$2.97
cat back $1 ECB
used 2- $1/2 in 6/22 SS
final price- .24 per package = .4 each!

got this deal from
Select Herbal Essences and Aussie products are 2/$5.97
above I bought a couple other items on clearance but here's the deal
buy 10 of the $2/5.97
used 5- $3/2 in  8/5 RP
get back a $10 CAT
final price- $4.95 = .49 a product
I also had a coupon from the red coupon machine at CVS
for $1/2 Aussie products
it was FREE for me : )

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Went a little cray cray at Ultra today

used 2- $1/3 in 7/29 RP
final price- $1.33 ea.
not great but we were down to 2 boxes!!
my stockpile has suffered this Summer

Gatorade is $2.88 wyb 5 it gives you instant savings $5 off
Well it just so happens I had pulltags I found at Menards
for $1/1
final price- $1.88 an 8 pack (.23 each!)

Propel was $3.88 after instant savings
I used 8- $1/1 in 6/10 SS
(and from a good friend, wink wink)
final price- $2.88 a 12 pack (.24 each!)

Unilever Deal
buy 10 of the participating products
( I only needed the above)
get $5 oyno
great thing is the coupon didn't come out of the cat
so I went to customer service and they gave me CASH!!
Skippy I used $1/2 peelies I got off of Hellmans jars at wal-mart
that were good for skippy of hellmas
final price- .88 each

Hellamans I used $1/2 in 7/29 rp
final price-$1.88 ea.