Wednesday, November 30, 2011

$10 GC when you spend $50-need coupon

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The other great thing about a stockpile...

Of course couponing saves money BUT another great thing about it for me is that a I don't have to go crazy thinking about what I'm going to make for dinners in the weeks to come. Last night I pulled out chicken from my freezer to thaw, not knowing what to make. This morning I decided to make my Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Chili (very healthy) . I had ALL the ingredients! I put the recipe on my blog on 10/19 if you'd like to try it. I don't use the Blue cheese, if I did I would no longer considered healthy.

This is only a PORTION of my stockpile

I wanted to let you all know that I'm focusing on Christmas right now and won't be doing 
much food shopping. We have much more than pictured including 3 full freezers.
Aside from fresh fruits and veggies, lunch meat and bread- we could live off our stockpile for
a good 6 months or more.
If I see an awesome deal I will post it.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


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CVS 11/27

Not the greatest tissue
deal I've ever done BUT
I was OUT and my family was tired of using t.p.
On sale .99 ea.
also part of the buy $30 and get a $10 GC to various stores(I got Old Navy)
used 1-$1/3 in the P&G that came in the mail
also used 3-.25/3 in 10/16 P&G
final price- .84 ea.

Tide $5.94 (part of the GC deal)
used $2/1 that came in the mail 
also have $2/1 in 10/30 &G
final price -$3.94

Dawn -.99 (part of the GC deal)
used 3- .50/2 in 10/17 P&G
final price -.49 ea.

Mentos 2/$5
get back $2 ECB
used 2-.55/1 in 20/9 SS
final price- .95 ea.

16 pack Duracell Batteries $.9.99(art of the GC deal)
forgot coupon

Durcacel 2 pack C $3.50 ea.
used .75/1 in 10/16 P&G
final price- $2.75

Glade Air Fresheners.99 ea.
used $2/2 HERE
final price- FREE

Complete contact solution $7.99
get back $ 799 ECB

I paid $39.46
got back $11 in ECB
got back $10 GC
final price- $18.46

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

CVS 11/21

buy $15 worth of Garnier get a $5 ECB
the wipes were $5
the cleanser $3.74
used 5-$1/1 in 11/6 RP

Clean and Clear products buy1get150%
2 astringets = $9.70
used 2-$2/1 in 11/20 SS

also used the $5/$20 in beauty products
from scanning my card when I walked in at the
red coupon machine

paid $14.44
used a $5 ECB
got a $5 ECB back
total -$9.44 
$1.34 ea.

same coupons as above
one less item
AND used a different cvs card

Best deal I've ever gotten !!!

Look who's 4 months old today!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Meijer 11/19

Kraft Deluxe or Velveetta on sale $1.79ea.
used 4-$1/1 HERE
also use 4-.50/1 MEIJERMEALBOX
final price-.29ea.

Bakers Chocolate on sale $2.29
used 3-$1/1 HERE
also used .50/1 MEIJERMEALBOX
final price- .79 ea.

Del Monte canned veggies on sale .59
used $1/5 in MEIJERMEALBOX
final price-.49 ea

Mt. Olive pickles on sale $1.69
used .50/1 in 11/13 SS
final price-$1.19

Pepperidege Farm snack bag on sale .99
used 6- $1/1 in 11/6 SS
final price- FREE

Dr. Pepper on sale $1
used 2-.55/1 hang tags
final price- .45 ea.

ICBUNB on sale on sale $2
used 4- $1.50/1 HERE
also used 2-.50/2 in MEIJERMEALBOX
final price- .25 ea
that's .6 a stick- booyah

Jewel 11/19

Turkey $13.75
used the Jewel $10 off wyb $25 in other groceries

12 pack bud light $8.99
got a rebate off the beer for $10 visa gift card wyb the bud and a turkey
final price for both- $2,74
Uncle Bens rice Pouch on sale $1.00
Uncle Bens Whole Grain Box $1.15
used 2-$1/2 HERE
also used 2- B3Ready rice get a whole grain FREE
this is also part of the buy ten get instant$5off
final price- .33 ea.

on sale $2
buy 5 and pay $1.69 ea.
I used 3- $1/2 in 11/3 SS
final price-$1.19 ea.
these are NUT FREE!

Asparagus on sale$1.99
Cranberries on sale $1.28

Crosse & Blackwell Cocktail sauce on sale $2
is part of the buy 10 get instant $5 off
final price- $1.50

Mt. Olive on sale $2
they had .75/1 hang tags
final price- $1.25 ea.

Welch's Fruit Snacks on sale $1.50 are part of the buy
ten get $5 off instantly
used 2-.50/1 HERE
final price- $1 ea.

Friday, November 18, 2011


click HERE
just found out it's on sale at Meijer 2/$4
use 2- $1.50/1
use 1- .50/2 MEIJERMEALBOX
final price .25 ea.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Look who slept through my blogging : )

Meijer 11/17

21 pound Turkey
(they have butterball also if your brand specific!)
got instant $16 off for buying over 16 pound Turkey, and spending $20 on other items
used $5/$25 from Meijer last time I shopped
final price- $9.71

Sara Lee Frozen Desserts 50% off
used 4- $1/1 in 10/23 RP
the final price ranged from $2-$2.99
I picked things I can bring to Holiday parties.

Del Monte veggies on sale .58
needed corn for app. recipes

Dole Mandarin Oranges on sale -.99
used 3- .50/2 in 11/6
final price- .74
not awesome BUT I've got a kid who loves them.

Vlasic pickles 2/$4
used 2-.75/1 in 9/11SS
final price- $1.25 ea.

Barilla Pasta on sale .99
must buy whole grain
used 4-$1/2 HERE
also used 2-1/4 in the MEALBOX
final price- .24 ea.

Stove top on sale .99
used 4-$1/1 HERE
plus used a buy 4 get 1 FREE from a tearpad
 (I've seen them EVERYWHERE)
final price- 5 FREE
This coupon does state STORE COUPON (with no store listed)
BUT they took it. She did have to ask the supervisor and it wasn't a problem.

Dr. Pepper Ten on sale $1
used 2-.55/1 hangtag
final price-.45 ea.

Hersheys on sale $2
not great BUT it is not manuf. in a plant with NUTS!
So my little guy can have them. No one should be 
without choc. chip cookies in their life!

Ziploc baggies on sale 2/$3
used 1-$1/2 in 11/13 SS
final price- $1 ea.

Gushers $2.49 WAY TOO MUCH
BUT I had $2/2 in mperks
also used .50/2 in 10/9 SS
fina price- $1.24
still too much

Tampax20 ct. on sale $2.89
used 3- $1/1 in 10/30 P&G
final price- $1.89 ea.
these did beep cause they are for the pearl,
I honestly didn't realize it. She pushed them through though.

Doritos are B1G1FREE
so they end up costing $2.15 ea.
again not awesome BUT for some reason I'm buying
a few things I shouldn't be.

President Brie on sale B1G1FREE
used 1-$1/1 from HERE
there is also $3/2 HERE
would not print for me
final price- $2.34 ea.

Pillsbury Crescents or sweet rolls on sale $1.25 ea
used 2- .40/2 in 10/2 GM
final price- $1.05 ea.

total bill was $53.66
not bad for

1-21 pound Turkey
8-Barilla pasta
6- Dole mandarin oranges
5-Stove top Stuffing
4-Pillsbury crescent rolls
4- Sara Lee cheesecakes
3-Tampax tampons
2-Betty Crocker gushers
2-President brie cheese
2-bags of Doritos
2-Dr. Pepper liters
2-Ziploc baggies
2- Del Monte corn
2- Vlasic pickles
1- Hershey's choc chips

Ultra 11/17

MGD, MGD 64, Coors and Miller Lite on sale $5.98 limit 2
Sutter Home Wines on sale $3.88 limit 3
Sun Drop on sale .88
used .55 expired peelie
final price- .33

Ritz Crackers on sale $1.66
used 1-$/2 tear pad
there is also a .75/2 in 11/13 SS
final price - $1.16 ea.

Goya Yellow Rice on sale .99
used 2- .55/1 HERE
final price- .44 ea.

Potatoes on sale .98 for a 5lb bag
sweet potatoes on sale .49 a pnd.
broccoli crowns on sale .48 a pnd.

Dannon multi-packs on sale 3/$5
light & fit and activia
used 3- $1/1 in 10/2 SS
final price- .67

Flav-r-pac frozen veg on sale .58 ea
used 3- .35/1 in 9/11 SS
limit 3
final price- .23 ea.

Meatloaf  $2.19 a pnd.
normally wouldn't spend over $2 per pound
but the daughter is coming home for the break and 
it was her first meal request!

Wags 11/17

Welchs on sale 2/$6
used $1/2 in Nov. wags coupon booklet
used 1-$2/2 HERE
final price- $1.50 ea

Azo Itch Relief is $4.99
with a $5 RR back

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


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$2/1 off Wholly Gauc coupon on face book

click  HERE

Saw this on mashupmom

Beth got a Catalina alert: “Jewel cat. alert – Get $20 in Free* groceries when you buy $100 or more of participating gift cards in a single transaction. *Coupon for $20 free groceries issued at checkout and may be redeemed on your next shopping trip. Cannot be used to purchase gift cards. Valid 11/20/2011 to 12/3/2011. Applebee’s, iTunes, jcpenney, Lowe’s, Macy’s, Regal, AMC Theatres, sears, K-Mart, Cabela’s, bass pro shops, nike, tfi Friday’s, amazon, Chili’s, California Pizza Kitchen, DSW, Office Max, and outback steakhouse. Limit 1 Grocery coupon issuance per customer per day. Limit 1 grocery coupon redemption per customer per day. Grocery Coupon valid 7 days from issuance

I will be buying a few of these from stores I already buy from and of course TGI Fridays too ;)

Target 11/16- I went for more but it didn't work out.

Visine $3.69
used 2-$3/1 HERE
(coupon is from the wal-mart site but does not have logo on it)
final price- .69 ea.

Curel Ultra Healing $2.99 ea.
used 2- $1/1 HERE
final price- $1.99
paid- $5.62
got back a $5 gift card

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rocky doing one of his favorite things :- }

CVS 11/15

facial wipes -$6.29 ea.
Facial wash on clearance -$3.64
used a $5/$15 from the red coupon machine
used 3-$1/1 in 11/6 RP