Thursday, July 28, 2011

$3/2 nice

click HERE

Meijer 7/28

But 10 get the 11th FREE
 6 Chex Mix uesd 6- .50/1 in 7/10 SS
5 Bugels- used 5- .50/1 in  7/10 S
FYI since it's part of the buy 10 get the 11th free deal, you cannot use 11
coupons. So I mixed it up and made the English muffins my 11th FREE item.
 3 Breakstone Zesty uesd 3- $1/1 in 6/19 SS
4 Dole Madarin Oranges used 2- .50/2 in 5/22 SS
Aunt Jemima breakfast used 2- $1/1 HERE
final price- should have been $20
after coupons I paid $8.50

Banana's .59 a pnd.
Grapes $1.99 a pnd. (cheaper at Caputos : ( )
corn 4/$1

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

$1/2 Good one!

click HERE
going to see if I can use this tomorrow at Meijer on the 10 for $10 deal. I hope "touch of Philly" in included.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Went to a second CVS cause I had left over coupons, and could not stop myself

used Mark's card
2 shampoos
2 conditioners
4 styling products
used coupons from below
paid $2.57 for all
.32 ea. 
need another $10 to get the gas card
not sure how to do it.
Any ideas?

CVS 7/26-this has been a great week

3 Shampoos
3 Conditioners
6 gels (BONUS they were on clearance for $1.25)
4 hair sprays
1 mousse
I used 6-$3/1 in 7/3 P&G
used- 8 $1/1 in 6/12 RP
also used $2/2 shampoo/conditioners from coupon machine
she would not let me use 17 coupons, I could only use 14.
BUT it all worked out
I paid- $9.48
got back a $10 gas card to BP, you get a choice between BP or Mobil
If you count the gift card for gas I got paid .52 for all this product!

K-mart in Bloomingdale is doubling coupons- call your K-mart first to make sure

from mashupmom
Buy three 12 double roll packs at $4.99 each = $14.97
Use three $.75/1 from the 7/17 SS. Each will double to $1.50 off = $10.47
Get back $4.50 OYNO for a net cost of $4.97/36 rolls
You can also use the .50/1 printable, which will double to $1.00, if you don’t have enough $.75/1.
if you find the purple toilet clogging “ultra” packs with the Cars 2 logo, you can do a second trans.
Buy 2 more for $9.98.
Use two $.75/1 doubled to $1.50 each = $6.98.
Get back $3.50 for a net cost of $3.48/24 rolls.
You can try to use the $4.50 from the first transaction too, but you'll need a filler.

this is from me
clearance toys are an extra 50% off
this was on sale for $10, then down to $5. Used the $4.50 coupon from toilet paper.
paid .88 (including tax)

Monday, July 25, 2011

CVS 7/25

3 softsoap pampered hands $2 ea.
used 3-$1/1 HERE
got back $3 ECB
final price- .51 for all 3!

Meijer 7/25

Dove visible care body wash on sale $1.50
used 6- $1/1 in 6/26 RP
just now looking up the coupon I realized
it expired yesterday, but there was NO beep
or anything when I scanned it today : )
final price- .50 ea.

Shout wipes to go $1 ea
used 4- .55/1 in 7/10 SS
final price- .45 ea
(I'm thinking good for the College kid)

Pork Loin (not pictured)
on sale $1.69 a pound
Awesome for Crock pot pork tacos and
crock pot pulled pork sandwich's

Ultra 7/25

I can't believe I paid $1.50 for a box of fruit snacks!
I did use an expired coupon $1/2(I've got more to share if anyone would like some)
Since Jewel changed their policy on the big cat deals I fear I will
no longer get them free.

Strawberries $1.28

Alexia onion rings and sweet potatoe fries
on sale 4/$8.88
bought 8 and used 8-$1/1 HERE
final price- .88 ea.

I bought 10 of these for $1 ea.
used 10- $1/1 HERE
(it allows you to print as many as you'd like)
final price- 10 FREE
they also had carrots, and pineapple packs

Dutch Farms cheese 4/$5
no coupon
$1.25 ea. way lower than normal but
not as low as I'm used to paying. Need
more Kraft coupons!

CVS 7/24

used 2 cards for this!
2 Skintimate Shave Gel/Cream $2.19 ea.
 2 Schick Hydro Razors $7.99 ea.
Use 2 $1.50 Skintimate coupon
Used 2-$4/1 Schick Hydro from 6/12 SS (exp 7/24!)
Pay $9.36, Get $10 ECB
Final Price: $.64 Moneymaker!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Look at the deal chitowncheapskate posted. You need 12 papers to do it and I only have 6! Anyone have a coupon they can spare me? I want to try this.

Okay, here’s a great deal at CVS if you have a crap-load of coupons and need/want a crap-load of Hair Care Products!
Buy (6) Aussie shampoos/conditioners @ 2 /$4.97, used (6) $1/1 in 6/12 RP
Buy (6) 6 Aussie Stylers @ 2/$4.97
Use (6) $1/1 from the 6/12 RP
Use (6) $3 off Styler wyb Aussie from 7/3 P&G
(Use $2/2 shampoo/conditioner/styler CRT-from magic coupon machine if you get one)
Pay as low as $4.82 and got a $10 gas card for $5.18 money maker
Note: many are having difficulty getting both coupons to go through, it is a valid use of coupons. If it works for you great but just be polite if it doesn’t! It’s at the stores discretion to take your coupons or not!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Look what I got in the mail today :)

It was Free for filling out a short survey
for Pandora! They sell this for $95 I just checked
the site HERE!

$1/1 Revlon Beauty Tools- I've used this at Target for cheap nail files.

click HERE

$1/2-print now for a future

click HERE- first time I tried it didn't work, second time worked!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jewel 7/20

Emerald Breakfast on the go on sale 2/$5
used 2-$1/1 HERE
got back $1 cat
final price- $1 ea.

Nature Valley Granola Bars on sale 2/$5
used 2-.75/2 in 7/17 SS
got back a $2 cat
got back a $1 cat
got back a FREE milk cat (value up to $4.50)
final price- .24 a box 
if you include the milk cat

same as above but I used the .75/1 in 6/26 SS
which made for a better deal PLUS all the same cats back.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Meijer 7/18- I also had a cat for an additional 10% off my order so I got my daughters micro-wave!

Scotch-Brite sponge $1.99 per 2 pack
used 2- .75/2 in 7/10 SS
final price- .80 per sponge

Heinz White Vinegar 32oz. (price drop thru 8/7) $1.49
$1/2 Heinz Vinegar 6/26/2011 SS
final price- .99

Heinz Cider Vinegar $2.09
$1/2 Heinz Vinegar 6/26/2011 SS
final price-$1.59

Gold Bond Hand Sanitizer  $3.99 ea.
used 4 -$2/1 in 4/3 SS
buy 3 get back a $5 cat
final price- .32 ea.
I did two trans.

these were all FREE with $5/1 coupon HERE

Buy (2) Athenos Feta Cheese ( 7/20) $2.50
 used  $1/1 HERE 
also used B1G1 printable coupon (on Twitter)
PLUS I USED  $1/1 Athenos mPerks
final price-.25 each!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

CVS- 7/17- Awesome deals

What a great finds at the Schaumburg store today!
these Wonka packs each contained
3- Nerds
3- Giant sweetarts packs
3- Giant Laffy Taffy
11 - fun dips
each pack was only $1

Pantene on sale 2/$6.97
get back $2 ECB
used 2- $3/2 in 6/19 SS
also used $2/2 from the magic coupon machine last week
final price- .3 money maker
I used 2 different cards here

These were all on sale $1 ea.
Great thing is I had a $1/1 John Freida coupon
final price- .66 ea.


Starburst buy 2 get 1 free
I got a buy 1 get 1 free from the magic coupon machine today!
final price- .66 ea

Make up wedges -.9 for 4
Highlighters- $1
Maybeline Mascara- $1

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just left Caputos

Broccoli is cheaper there than Ultra, it's.69 a pound this week!


Kellogg's cereals are 5/$10
I used the $5/5 from a couple weeks ago(already gone)
final price- $1 ea. PLUS they are bonus size!
They have many different varieties too.

Doritos are $2.50
I had a coupon for $3.50 off Doritos when you buy a case of Budweiser. That 
was a no brainer.
final price- .75 a bag.

Broccoli is .99 a pound

Butternut buns -.89 ea.

Borden cheese $1.50 ea.

Butterball Turkey Bacon on sale $1.25 ea.
used 6- .65/1 in  6/26 SS
final price- .60 ea.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Target 7-11

The pillows on sale for $2.50 were gone at  Glendale Hts.
So I bought a couple on sale for $4.04
used 2 Target Q- $2/1 HERE
final price- $2.04
would have much preferred .50!

Tic Tacs reg, price- $1.04
used 4- .75/1 in 6/12 RP
final price- -.29 ea.

Sharpie 2 pack on sale $1
used 3 Target Q- $1/1 HERE
final price- FREE

Up & Up Bandages .97
used 4 Target Q-.75/1 HERE
final price- .22 ea.

Combat Ant Killer $3.99
used 3- $2/1 HERE
final price- $1.99

FREE Slurpee day at 7-11

Thursday, July 7, 2011