Wednesday, August 28, 2013

TRUST ME, you'll need this coupon next week. Stock up time at Meijer starting 9/5

click HERE $1/1
click HERE for $1.50/1 and only today, and you only get 1 (per computer )AND it's a short sign up

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Friday, August 23, 2013


10-Cheez -it $1.39 wyb 10
10-Nutri Grain bars $1.88 wyb 10 
the 6 with the fruit had $1/2 peelies
 and the Chocolatey crunch had peelies for .55/1
final price- $1.36 each

Nestle Pure life
used an old printable $1/2
got back a $1 OYNO (will use it at Meijer)
$2.46 (cat not included)

On sale $8.88
had lots of different flavors
got an instant $3 WYB 4
it came off of mine but not my friends, so check receipts.
Using the $20/4 rebate ( a friend gave me )
once I get that check
final - $3.33 each!

Perrier .88
got back $2.25 in cats wyb 4

Gatorade on sale .68
had a $1/5 old hang tag
final - .48 each

Budweiser 18 pk on sale $11.88
used a peelie on the package for $5
off wyb 2 Doritos which were priced at $3.48
final price- .98 each bag

8- Nestle Pure Life .88 each
used 8-.55/1 in 7/28 RP
final - .33 a 6 pack of .5 a bottle!

Planters Peanut Butter on sale .88
used 2- $1/2 in 6/30 SS
final price- .38 each!

Ortega Salsa on sale $1.59
used 1-$1/2 coupon found at service desk
final price- $1.09


Oreo's on sale $1.88
used $1/1 in below booklet below from Dominick's
you can also use .75/2 in 8/11 SS
final .88 if you have booklet
or $1.50 with coupon

Dentyne on sale .88
used 2- $1/2 in booklet below from Dom's
final - .38

Rev on sale .88
used 2- $1/2 old printatble
final price- .38 each

Avocados - over priced needed for a recipe

Butterball Bacon ( limit 2) .88
used 2-.55/1 in 6/30 SS
final -.33

Snyders were $2.78 each
used expired coupons $3/2
final price- $1.28 each

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Meijer - AWESOME! total- $41.39 with another $5.50 back in cats- PLUS I used $16 in MPERKS REWARDS- no coupons. I will explain at the end.

Yoplait Yogurt .50
used .40/6 in 7/14 SS
final -.43 each

Basha Hummus 50% off
$1.49 each

Danimals price drop $1.88 each

Land O Lakes butter on sale $1.50
used $1/2 in MPERKS

Old Wisconsin Beef or Pepperoni Bites B1G1 FREE @ $4.99 each
used 1-$1/1 click HERE
final -$1.50 each

Grape Tomatoes $1.67

Strawberries $1.67

Coke $4 (bad price)
BUT I used my coke rewards coupon below : )

Food Should Taste Good Chips  on sale $2.50
used 1- .75/1 HERE
final - $1.75
OMG what was I thinking? There is like nothing in the bag!

Margaritaville TortillaChips 50% off
$1.99 each

Kleenex on sale .99
Cool Touch were $1.25
did 2 transaction because you get a $2 cat wyb 7
used 2- .50/3 in 8/11 SS for the regular kleenex
final- .55 if you include the cat you get back, which I do 
when paying with one. Will explain about that below.

 cool touch I used 7-.50/1 peelies I found months back.
final - .46 each
 (including cat I got back)

I did 4 transactions on the cleaners but
it's worth it!!
FANTASTIK Scrubbing Bubbles $1.67
$1 off instantly wyb 2
also used 2- .75/1 in 7/28 SS
final - .42 each!!
you can also use the Walgreens coupon
on this for a better deal but I didn't
know about it until after the fact.

Windex 2/$5
get an instant $1 wyb 2
used 2-$1/2 in 7/28 SS
or click HERE
plus $1/2 wags booklet coupon
or you can print it click HERE
final -$1 each

Red Gold Tomatoes .89
used 2-.50/1 click HERE
final - .39 each

Meijer Buns $1.28

HEAVY DUTY binder on sale $4.99!
Has an easy opening.
MPERKS rewards is not the MPERKS coupons.
It's a different program they started.You get to pick which on will work
for you. You can choose 3 different types that suit you.
I choose Beauty, Pet and general last month. Once you spend a certain amount
in those ares you get money off your next trip. I had no idea I had hit the limit
until I got to the store today and the computer asked me if I wanted to spend my rewards.
I had 3 totaling $16
Go to your MPERKS and click on rewards.
It will look like the one below. Your purchases don't show up for a day. You can check where your at with
the progress.

This was the easiest meal I've ever made and VERY good.

I paid $1for above packet at Meijer weeks ago
I put frozen chicken breasts in the  crock pot
with the above envelope and let it simmer all day.
Then I grabbed Uncle Bens Rice from my stockpile
and made that. SO YUMMY (this one is spicy)
they do have others as well.

Monday, August 19, 2013


Loaded JUST4U price for the Nestea of $2.99
limit 4 but they only had 3 left at my Dominick's
and said they were getting more tonight.
used 3-$1/1 in 8/18 RP
final price- .16 a bottle!

Purell on sale .99
used 7- $1/1 in 7/28 SS
final price- FREE
I decided to mention to the teller ahead of time that the last coupon
will beep and the policy is that Domincks will adjust it down. So she said
she would just enter .99 for each coupon!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Meijer was great today- before coupons $106 (I about fell to the floor when I saw that total)After coupons $58 with a $5 off my next visit cat.

Tyson Chicken $5.99
used 2-$2.50/1 HERE

Center Cut Boneless Pork $1.89 a lb.

Rev Wraps 3/$5
used 2-$1/2 HERE
also 2-$1/2 TQ

Friday and Saturday only
used 2- $1/2 HERE
final - $1.59 a box
I just realized why the check out dude had to push one coupon
through, it's because they don't take a coupon on FREE items.
SO only use one!

part of the buy 10 get 11th free
just so happens my kid loves these AND
major bonus they had .25 /1 coupons on the boxes.
final -.68 a box

Bugles are part of the 10/11 deal
used 1-.60/2 (Cannot find it now)
there is a .50/2 in 6/3 SS
Aunt Millies $1-part of 10/11 deal

Friday and Saturday only on the B1G1 FREE
used 3- .75/2 HERE

all $1 ea. and part of the 10/11deal

Hello Kitty on price drop $1.29
used 1-1$1/2 HERE
final - .79

Bic disposable $2.99
used 3- $3/1 in 8/11 SS
would have bought 4 but one of my papers was
short an insert!

NO DEAL HERE - needed for a recipe!

12- Satin Gillette Shaving cream at $2.44 each
used 4- $6/3 in 8/11 RP
paid $2.88
got back $5 cat


$1.50 off any Hidden Valley Farmhouse dressing
click HERE and hold them for a sale!

Monday, August 12, 2013

FREE Milk at Meijer until 8/15

free milk
go to your MPERKS and enter FREEGALLON in the code area.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


click HERE

Get it while you still can- rare coupon $1/2 Nabisco

click HERE


click HERE

$1.50/1 I think I know of a few kids who'd like these!

click HERE


Meijer sandwich bags are $1.66 each
used .50/2 meijer coupon I received from cat machine
final price- $1.41 each

Alpo cans on sale .60 each
I used 1-$1.25/10 in 7/28 RP
final price- .47 a can

Edge is on a price drop $2.38
used 2- $1/1 TARGET Q
also used 1- $1/2 in 7/28 SS
final price-  .88 each

Clean and Clear on sale B1G1 50%
$5.49 each
used 2- $/1/1 in 7/28 SS
also used 2-$1/1 from the Walgreens booklet
final price- $2.11 each

7 John Morrell Bacon $2.89
and instant $7 off wyb 7
final price- $1.49 each

when you load code FREEEGGS onto your MPERKS account!

Tampax $6.97 for tampons
$4.37 for pads
I used 8 - $2/1 in 7/28 P&G
also used 4- $1/2 TARGET Q in 7/28 RP
WYB $30 of P&G products you get back a $10 GC
It's not instant, you get a cat that you fill out and send in.
No big deal to me cause I send rebates all the time.
after all is said and done..
final price- $2.57 each

Sour Patch Kids on sale $2.49
get an instant $6 off wyb 6
final price- $1.49

The Mars candy was on sale .50 each
I used 2-.75/3 NLA
also used  1- $1/2 in Walgreens August booklet
final price- MONEY MAKER  .50

M&M's on sale .50 each
I had 1- tear pad coupon for B1G1 FREE
also used the $1/2 Walgreens booklet
I think it came out to .50 for  6

Heinz Ketchup $1.99
I used 2- $1.10 off of 2 NLA
final price- $1.44 for the 38 oz

There's were on sale for $11, but rang up $8