Friday, September 30, 2011

Dominick's 9/30 awesomly awesome : )

Powerade on sale .59
you can load them on your JUST4U
 (not everyone has the same things on their account)
I used but 10 get 5 FREE coupon that my daughter
found at College and mailed to me!
final price- .16 ea.!

Pepsi product liters ended up being .6 ea.
bought 22,
anyone thirsty?
 buy more then 8 price goes down to .99
Load on JUST4U
used 11- $1/2 coupons I found months ago,
that expire today.
Final price- .6 a liter!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Meijer 9/29

Philly Cream cheese on sale 2/$3
used 2- $1/2 HERE
final price- $1 ea.

Ortega Black Beans on sale -.66 ea.
used 2- $1/2 HERE
also used $1/4 HERE
final price- .36 MM

Yo Crunch on sale - 5/$3
used $1/4 HERE
final price- .35 ea.

Meijer Organice 10 oz. Tomoto sauce .50 ea.
buy 5 get a $3 OYNO
did a separate trans. and bought 6 and used the $3 to pay for those.
.22 ea.

Dei Fratelli $1.25
used $1/4 in Meijermealbox
final price-$1 ea.

Freschetta pizza $4.99
used $1/1 HERE
also use $1.50/1 in MPERKS
final price- $2.49

Kikomon Rice vinegar on price drop $1.35
used $1/1 I found a peelie on the MANN fresh veggies in produce
final price- .35
(this is awesome on salads)

Grands Biscuits $1.39
used .30/2 in 9/11 GM
also used .30/1 in MPERKS
final price-$1.08 ea.
 (not great but promised them to someone!)

Meijer Bread on sale .99
Krusteaz on sale 2/$4
used $1/2 HERE
final price- $1.50 ea.

Archway cookies on sale .99
used 6- .45/1 in 9/18 SS
final price- .54 ea.

Butera 9/29

on sale .99 limit 2

Pumpkins on sale $2.99
also had Bananas for .38 a pnd.
Grapes for .89 a pnd.

Target 9/28-awesomely great, thanks to a tip from a friend : )

Before coupons total- $33.45
after coupons $4.51
Targets Seventh Generation is on sale $2.50 ea.
I bought 4 hand soap (awesome smell, it's citrus)
I bought 2- Disinfectant wipes
use $1/1 in 7/31 RP
also use $1/1 Target Q HERE
final price- .50 ea.

Colgate Optic White tooth paste $2.99
used 5-$1.50/1 in 9/11 SS
also used 4- $1.50/1 HERE
final price- FREE

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wags toilet paper deal- .27 a roll is great!

12 pack is $5
use $1 from October wags coupon booklet
use .75/1 in 9/11 SS
final price- $3.25

Caputos 9/28

no time for pictures and downloading- busy getting prepared for tomorrow's shopping.
I got-
Boneless/skinless chicken breast on sale $1.49 a pound and it looks good not HUGE like in the past
Grapes both colors on sale .99 a pound
Gala Apples .69
Red Peppers- are .89 a pound FINALLY!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

W Maxi Pads $2
$2 RR
final price- FREE

UP2U Mentos gum on sale .99
used 4-$1/2 in 8/14 or 9/11 SS
Also used the $1/2 in the Wags Oct. booklet 
final price- FREE
hand over the MQ coupon first!

Domino Brown Sugar .99 w/in-ad coupon

Orbit Mist Gum .99 with in-ad coupon
used 2- .50/2 in 7/31 SS
final price- .74 ea.
okay not great.

Remington Men's razor $4.99
get $4.99 RR
final price- FREE

Schick Quatro Razor on sale $8.99
get back $5 ECB
used $5/1 coupon no longer avail.
If you didn't get it there is a 
$2/1 in 9/25 SS
final price- FREE
or $3 if you don't have $5 coupon!

CVS Quickie 9/25

Soft Soap body wash 2/$6
used 2- $1/1 in 9/25 SS
got back $4 ECB
final price- FREE

Shick Quatro for Woman on sale $8.99
used $5/1 (recent print but no longer avail.)
got back $4 ECB
final price- .1 MM
I used to different CVS cards

Trident on sale 3/$3 get $1 ECB
used $1/3 in 9/18 SS
final price- .33 ea.

Orbit Mist Pink lemon drop flavor was on clearance .78
just happened to have .50/2 coupon with me
final price- .53 ea.

I ALWAYS keep my gum coupons with me, because so many
times the store will drop the price. If you have to go home and get
them, chances are they will be gone when you get back.
Our family chews A LOT of gum. Never gets stale.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Meijer 9/23

On sale 2/$5
get and instant .50 off ea. wyb2
used the $1.50/1 in 8/14 SS
final price- .50 ea.
I used $2/1 blinkies I found a few months ago.
so mine were FREE!
This is why it's critical to grab peelies, blinkies 
and tear pads when you find them at stores. It almost
always pays off for me.

Jello on sale .50 ea.
used 2- .50/3 in the MEALBOX
final price- .33
You know what that means?
Grape jello shots : )

There were a bunch of these in the lamp isle at
the Bloomingdale store, in different colors.
Clearance- $7.49
Mine just broke yesterday, good timing.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dom's 9/22

Oreo's are in my JUST4U at $ 1.99
I used $1/2 from a tear pad I found at Ultra last week
final price -$1.49 ea.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch on sale $2.39
I used $1/3 in 9/11 GM
plus they are part of the buy 8 get .50 ea. item deal
final price- $1.55ea.
( whatever happened to free cereal?)

Mission Artisan Tortillas on sale $ 1.99
They are part of the buy 8 get .50 off ea. item
used 2-$1/1 HERE on facebook
plus 6- $1/1 Mission product on the product!
final price- .49 ea.

Lucerne Milk I loaded on my JUST4U $1.99
First time I've paid for milk in forever.
Just about killed me.

Carrots were in the JUST4U at .89

Mission Chips $1.99
also part of the buy 8 get .50 ea.
but was not listed in the flyer
had $1/1 Mission product peelies (found everywhere!)
final price- .49 a bag!

forgot to take a picture.
They are part of the  buy 8 dealeo
they were $1.49 after .50
not great but the little guy loves them.

Target 9/21- Everything totaled $10.99 (before tax)

Bridesmaids movie -$19.99
used $5/1 HERE
A good friend of mine found coupons at Jewel
for FREE Suave body wash, FREE Kleenex, and FREE Hershey Kisses
wyb the Bridesmaids movie!!
If your buying the movie, look for the additional
coupons at Jewel and bring them to Target with you.
They took all 4 coupons without a problem!

Old Navy- Buy one get one 75% off until Sunday 9/25

click HERE

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jewel- FRESH BUD LIGHT! Only $6.99 a 12 pack : )

Just want to make sure you all saw the ad for the
 FRESH ( I will be the judge of that!)
Bud Light 12 packs arriving at Jewel no later
 than 3:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. It will be made, packaged,
shipped and delivered all in one day.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Target 9/19- total before coupons was $40.59, after $14.85.

Velvetta Cheesy Skillet Meal on sale $1.77
used 4- $1/1 in 8/21 SS
also used .50/1 Target Q HERE
final price- .27 ea.

Pedigree canned dog food on sale .69 ea.
used b3g1FREE from 9/18 RP
final price- .51 ea.

Milk Bone was $2.34 a box
used a MQ I got from Jewel for B1G1FREE
also used $1/1 MQ I got from Jewel
final price- .67 a box!

Crave cat treats $1.59
used 6- FREE coupons from 9/18 RP
final price- FREE

Whiskers Lickins Cat treats on sale .99
used 2- $1/1 Target Q HERE
final price- FREE

on sale 2/$4
used 4-$1/1 Target Q HERE
final price- $1 ea.
less then you'd paid for a individual bag.

FINALLY I FOUND THE SOAP! (it was the last two)
on sale $1.97 ea.
used 2-$1/1 n 8/28 SS
also used $1/1 Target Q HERE
not sure it's still avail., not showing up for me
but might be because I already printed the max.
final price- .4 MM

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Meijer 9/18- It was worth putting up with the weekend shoppers!

Buy 2 DiGiorno Pizzas for $10 get a Edys Ice Cream FREE
I used 2-$1/1 in 9/11 RP
Also had a coupon for buy 2 Digiorno Pizzas and get $5 off any Miller 12 pack
final price-$2.87 each item
total for all together was $11.49

Ice Mountain Sparkling Water on price drop .79
used 3- $1/2 in 8/28 RP
got back $2 cat
final price- .26 MONEY MAKER!!!

Barilla pasta on sale .99
used 4- .55/1 in 9/18 SS
also used $1/4 in Meijer Mealbox
got back a $2 cat
final price- .24 MONEY MAKER!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guess what I found at Meijer?

On the packages of all different types of Mann's
vegetables three were $1/1 Kikkomon product!
Keep an eye out. it will make for some cheap sauces.

Jewel 9/14 total before coupons was $49.??, after $7.57 and $2.13 of it was tax!

Ladys (and Men's) Speedstick B1G1FREE
used 5- B1G1F coupons in 9/11 SS
final price- 10 FREE

Tylenol Precise Patches on sale $5
used 5- $5/1 in 9/11 SS
final price- 5 FREE

On sale $1.33 wyb3
I normally try not to pay more then $1 ea. for these
BUT the son eats them EVERYDAY in his lunches.

Everyday essentials egg noodles on sale $1.25
used $1/1 Everyday essential in the Jewel Fresh for Fall booklet
final price. 25

Lasagna $1.89
used same type coupon as above
final price- .89

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jewel 9/14

Riceland Rice on sale .89, Brown .99
used 6- .50/1 in 9/11 RP
final price- .29 ea.

Old El Paso beans $1 ea.
buy 10 get $5 off instantly
which brings you down to .50 a can 9which is good)
BUT I found a tear pad for $1/2
so they were Free.
Expiration date is 2013

Frito Lag Snack packs are on sale $6.99
used $2/1 in the Jewel booklet in the front of the store,
which is the same one we got in last weeks paper.
final price- $4.99

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

$1/1 body wash

click HERE

Can anybody help me figure this out?

Would love to talk to the person in charge of selling strategies for the Safeway company!  They obviously do not want to sell.
Starting Thursday they have Lean Cuisine on sale for $1.99. Well, if you remember to use the "IN-STORE COUPON". Because, guess what? The clerks won't tell you about it! They also put a limit of 2! AND when you hand them a coupon you ALWAYS get a look or they won't take it. I wonder how the Manufacturers feel about this. I leave the store feeling as if they think I'm a crook!
I look at Ultra's flyer and they have the Lean Cusine for  $1.88, .10 cheaper and a normalish limit of 6!
So Dominick's even though your closer where do you think I'm going for my Lean Cuisine.
Anyone know what the marketing strategy is here??


It's my FREE Cottonelle roll cover!

Caputos 9/13

Sweet potatoes -.59 a pnd.

Grapes .99 a pnd.

Gala Apples .59 a pnd.

corn  .25 ea.

Meijer 9/13- Was a bust, not what I was expecting. Everything I did get was on a sale though.

Kikkomon Stir Fry packets .99
used 4- $1/1 Kikkomon product
final price- 5 FREE

McCormick Spice Packets  4/$5
not the best price I've gotten,'but better then $1.99
problem is I ran out of them!!

Dannon Greek Yogurt was FREE
Hubby gave me a coupon from his paper.
Sorry not sure what one!

Ice Mountain Sparkling Water on price drop .79
get $1oyno wyb4
or $2 oyno wyb6
they only had 4 left
I used 2- B1G1FREE from face book
final price- .15 ea.

Ultra 9/13

Skittles on sale .50
bought 8- used 4-$1/2 from Target (it's a MQ)
final price- 8 FREE
it did beep but she pushed it through without a problem!

Old El Paso Taco packets ..79
used $1/2 Old El Paso coupons that I found
last week at Dom's
final price- .29 ea.

Simply Asia 2/$3
had the $1/1 peelies on them!
final price- .50 ea.

corn .49

beans .50 ea.

Mangos $1 

Peaches on sale .68 a pnd.

Powerade on sale .69
 Used 6- .75/2 from a tear pad
final price- .31 ea.

Target 9/12

Kashi cereal and bars are $2.99 ea.
buy 5 get 1 FREE
I used 3 Cereal coupons- $1/1 I found in booklets below
( put a picture so you know what to look for, found
them at Ultra and Jewel)
Also used 3-$1/1 bars from booklets below
Also used $1/3 Kashi Bars Target Q
and $1/3 Kashi Cereal Target Q
final price- $1.25 ea.

Balance Bars .97
used 6-.55/1 in 9/11 SS
final price- .42 ea

Alpo was on sale . 79
used 2-B1G1FREE from facebook here
final price- .39 ea.

Franks hot sauce on sale $1.49
used 2-$1/1 I found on bottles at another store
final price- .49 ea

total- $12.68

Monday, September 12, 2011


I went to 4 Wags and none of them had the boxed Gain 30 load. A couple of them had 44 load, which was $11.49.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sorry it's a slow week for me and couponing, here's the best deal I did. Dylan was so impressed!

Mission cheese dip -$2.99
used $1/1 Mission product I found on tortillas last week
final price- $1.99

Goya Chick Peas on sale .59

Old El Paso Refried Beans on sale - $1
buy 10 and get $5 off instantly
WELL the tags under the cans on the shelf stated the instant savings
BUT it didn't come off automatically
I had to tell the checkout person and once they checked
they took it off.
I used 5- $1/2 Old El Paso product coupons I found
on a tear pad at Dominicks
final price- 10 FREE

total for entire purchase - $2.82!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011