Thursday, April 28, 2011


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FYI and a question

I wanted to let you know I'm receiving all your comments, and I greatly appreciate them all very much! I've not yet learned how to respond to them. AND most of them say from anonymous.

Now for the question- Has anyone seen Coke litters on sale? I need to use my coupons before 4/30 and cannot find a sale! Now that Dominick's no longer take expired's I freak out when a good coupon is expiring.
Thank you in advance.

Meijer 4/28

Pork Loin on sale $1.99 a pound

corn on the cob -4/$1
Red Grapes- .99 a pnd.
Dannon Light & Fit on sale- $1.88
used $1/1 in  3/6 SS
final price- .88
Milk- FREE
(explanation below)

Ban Deodorant $2.00
 .75/1 from 4/17 SS
  use Meijer Beauty coupon $1/1 HERE.
final price -.25

2 Nylabone Dog Toys $6.99 
 get the 2nd for $1.00
 use 2- $2/1  HERE
final price-$1.99 ea
(price varies with size, I got large)

Pompeian Olive Oil 16 oz. $3.41 
use $1/1 Pompeian Oil  Meijer MealBox
use $1/1 HERE
final price-$1.41 ea.

Pompeian Cooking Wine 12 oz. $1.37 
$1/1 Cooking Wine Meijer MealBox
final price- .37 ea.

Buy 3- Hormel Kids Compleats $1.50 ea.
 use 3 $1/1 - 
  use 1- $1/3 Meijer Mealbox 
get the Gallon of Milk Free (instantly at register)
final price-.50 for all of this!

Buy 4-Lunchables with Fruit $2 ea.
use 2- $1/2 peelie coupon on package (found them at Jewel)
 get back $3 OYNO
 get back $2 OYNO
final price-.25 each wyb 4!

Stride gum on sale .99
used $1/2 in 4/4 SS
final price- .49 ea.

Quaker Chewy Granola bars on sale $2 ea.
used .75/2 in 3/13/2011 RP
final price- $1.65 each wyb 2


Went there for my produce, lunch meat and $1.49  pnd. bomeless/skinless Chicken Breast.
Red Peppers are $4.49 a pnd.! What the heck happened?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One of the great things about CVS is that their rain checks DO NOT expire!

I used a rain check from October for 
the Oral-B cross action TB.
ONLY because my wonderful dentist (that I get my ALL YOU mags. from)
had many $2.50/1 coupons on the toothbrushes.
My rain check had them on sale for $4.99 ea. with a $2 cat back on ec.
so after all was said and done I paid  .49 ea.

Maybelline liq. eye liner was $10.79
spend $10 get a $3 cat back
used $1.50 HERE
final price- $6.29
not a great deal, but someone NEEDED it!
My fault for not stock piling it.

I include the cats in my total when I pay with cats.

$5/1, you'll need this for Wags 5/1

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These are very good, I served them for Easter!

$1/1 click HERE
there is also a $1/1 smart balance milk
on the same link. Freq. goes on sale at Meijer.


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$1.50/1 is very good

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Maybe Jewel will have another B1G1 sale and we'll eat FREE Pretzels once again!

B1G1 FREE coupon when you
"like" them on facebook.
It's a PDF, so print all you like ; )

Jewel- not too shabby

Grande Chips on sale 2/$4
used 2-$1/1 in 4/17 SS
final price- $1 ea.

French's Spicy Brown Mustard on sale .99
used 2- .50/1 in 4/10 SS
final price- .50 ea.

18 eggs $2.27
used FREE eggs coupon from Meijer last week
final price- FREE

Metromint water bottle $1.50
used a cat I got from one of
Mark's employees for a free bottle.
final price -FREE

Meat was NOT on sale BUT
I used a $1.50 peelie off of
any meat wyb 2 Grande Tortilla chips.
It was on the chips bag.
final price- $3.17

Used 2-$1 cats that were about to expire



Awesome deal going on.
This week’s Kmart ad has a BOGO coupon for Capri Sun and Kool Aid Jammers. 
(they have some coupons in the isle and up front if you threw yours out!)
They are on sale for $2.00 each
limit 10
You will need a shop your way rewards card (easy sign up)
The coupon is limit five so you can get 10 boxes per trans.
final price- $1 a box!

Nice coupon $2/1

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Monday, April 25, 2011


Sorry I've not posted much this last month. I've had vacation, Easter and now planning a graduation party. Which has sparked me to do lots of extra lawn work and house cleaning. I plan on picking it up again on here in the next week.

Nice coupon

"like" them on face book
for a B1G1 coupon

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Meijer was good to me today! 4/21

Propel on sale .59
I used $1/3 cat from Jewel
final price- .25 ea.
Meijer tampons $4.69
Lysol $1.67 ea.
used 2-$1.50/1 ea.
coupon prev. posted on my blog
final price- .17 ea.

Reddi wip $1.89 ea.
used 2-.35/1 4/10 SS
plus 2-$1/1 in the MEIJER MEALBOX
final price- .54 ea.
Should have bought more of those!

Heinz Gravy 4/$5
final price- $1 ea.

Stove Top stuffing $1.25 ea.
$1/2 in the Mperks
2-.50/1 in 4/3 SS
final price- .50 ea.

Vlasic Pickles on sale 3/5
used $1/3 in MEIJERMEALBOX
used 3-.75/1 I got from a blinkie a month ago
final price-.59 ea.

Tyson Chicken Breast on sale $1.99 a pnd.

Kraft touch of Philly $1.88
used 2-$1/1 from tear pad at Dom's yesterday
final price- .88 ea.

Meijer Eggs .88
used Dom's cat from yesterday for free eggs.
I little birdie told they are a better deal at Jewel!

Last but definitely not least.
$2.39 ea.
got an instant $2 wyb2 Green Works cleaners
they all had $1/1 peelies
final price- .39 ea.

Make sure you ALWAYS have your eyes looking for
coupons, blinkies and tear pads when you shop.
Many times I use these coupons from previous trips and
not the Sunday paper, or coupon sites.

My expired stock pile

HONESTLY I can see the Ritz, and Mayo
needing to be booted, but not the Tea, Mustard and BBQ sauce.
Would like to know your opinions on this. Please comment.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Go for it!

$1/1 HERE

Dominick's was very good to me today- a un-known bonus!

Post Pebbles Treats are $1.49 wyb 4
you get an instant $4 off
used 4-$1/1 in 3/13 SS
coupon look up said .75/1 but mine was $1/1
final price- .49 a box!
These are manuf. on machinery that
processes products with nuts.
Good for college kid though.

Kraft cheese is B1G1
loaded on my JUST4U $1.94 ea.
used 2- $1/2
final price- .72 ea.
PLUS I found a tear pad (only had 6 left)
with $1/1 touch of Philly Kraft cheese
for future use.
Reynolds with in ad coupon $2.49 ea.
It's up to 75 feet, but since the 75ft. has an X over
it and it's a bonus of 80 it worked.
used 2-.50/1 in 4/10 SS
final price- $1.99 ea.

Natural Ovens bread on sale $3.77
used 1- .60/1 HERE
final price- $3.17
It's a very healthy bread
I eat it every day.

Pop Tarts $1.90 when you load on JUST4U
you get an instant $4 savings WYB4
I used 4- $1/3 in 3/6 RP
final price- .65 EACH!
More College food.
Below is the bonus I knew nothing about.
Looks like for every 4 pop tarts I received 
a cat for FREE eggs up to $2.79.
Does expire 5/4 though.

total - $23.39
If you paid reg. price for just the cheese alone it would have
cost you $34.00

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Target 4/19

on sale $2.04
used $1.50/1 from my blog
final price-.54

Mashupmom posted they were $1.89, well that's only
the purple ones and it was a smaller count AND they were out
at Target on 59.
BUT I went to jewel after Target and saw them all 2/$4
better deal at Jewel.
Also Target was out of the Revlon Beauty tools and the Carefree pads.

Heinz Ketchup $1.79 with in-ad coupon
I used the Facebook $2/1 from (no longer available)
they adjusted it down
final price- FREE

Pop tarts are part of the buy 4 get $4 instant
loaded JUST4U at $1.90
Also used $1/3 in 3/6 RP
final price- .56 ea!!!
I'm going back for more.

Monday, April 18, 2011

"like" them on facebook

$1.50/1 HERE
They’re $1.89 at Target this week, so get them for .39.

Did you all see this?

Jewel has them in the 10/$10 sale.
Use .50/1 in 4/17 RP and they are .50 ea.
I still have a HUGE stock from
when they were free last Summer : )

Dominick's 4/18

used 4-.50/1  in 3/13 SS
limit 4
turns out to be .36 per roll

Well I grabbed 4 Reynolds wrap, but only got 3 and only paid for 3. BUT they took
coupons for 4! hummm...
They are 75 feet and on sale with in ad coupon $2.49
used .75/1 in 4/17 SS
final price - $1.74

Safeway pizza
used $2.99 ea. limit 3
in the Dom's frozen food booklet

3 lb. Strawberries $4.88
Baby Carrots .99
used $1/5 produce found at th store a month ago

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars $1.77 limit 4
used .75/2 in 3/13 RP
final price- $1.39

Thursday, April 14, 2011

$4 off 4

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Meijer 4/14

Kraft Philadelphia Cooking Creme, $2.50.
 Use $1.50/1 from the 3/6 SS and stack with 0.50/1 Meijer Mealbox.
final price- .50 ea.

$10.80 for 6 Healthy Choice Meals
-$1.80 for in-store promo (buy 5 get 1 FREE)
-$3.00 for 3- $1.00/2 coupons HERE (access code 63829897)
or if you have the Dom's frozen food booklet
-$1.00 for $1.00/5 Meijer Mealbox Coupon
$5.00 after coupons, or $.83 each

Breakstone sour cream B1G1 
$1.18 ea.
used 2- .50/1 HERE
final price -.68 ea

Visine $3.24
used $2/1 HERE
plus $2/1 MPERKS
final price- .76 MONEY MAKER!

Strawberries -$1.50

Jewel 4/14

buy 10 and they are .49 ea.
use 3-$1/3 HERE
final price- .19 ea
after eatin all them taters I'll need to drink
that diet drink, oh looky here

Fuze is Buy one at .99 get one free
bought 10
used 4-$1/2 in 4/10 SS
you need to buy 2 more then the coupons you have,
it'll beep if not.
final price-.10 ea. cause I had to pay for one
3lbs. onions $1
used $3 in cats
final price- $1.35

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jewel 4/13

Creametts are buy 3/$3 get $1 cat back
use .55/1 (Quick Cook) &.50/1 in 4/10 SS
final price- .12 ea.
you DO NOT have to do sep. trans. for these new
cat deals.

Johnsonville Sausage on sale $3.99
get $1 cat on each
used 3- $3/1 any meat hang tags from Baileys bottles
final price- .1 MM ea.

The meat hang tags are no longer avail. but always
keep your eye out for these type of coupons,
you never know when you'll need them. Great thing
is they do not require a Liquor purchase!

Hand sanitizers were 2/$1

Used $5 cats to pay
final price- $2.15
got back $5 cats