Friday, September 28, 2012


I cannot decide between 6 or 8 ; )

CVS-9/29- not much but still a great deal.

I honestly don't have much to get at Wags and CVS anymore
because I stocked up so much when there is great sales. 
Hip2save is my favorite blog for both those stores.

CVS Migraine Relief $8.79
(I hope this is the generic for Excedrin cause I just ran out)
Maybelline Baby Lips $3.99
Maybelline Mascara $8.49
used 2-$1/1 in 8/5 RP
also scanned my card when I walked into
the store and got $4/$12 worth of cosmetics
Got back a $3 ECB for buying $10 worth of Maybelline
used a $4 ECB from previous visit
used the 25% off total purchase sent to me by e-mail.
Final price- $6.87 with a $3 ECB BACK!
would have been $23 with no coupons or card!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


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Meijer- 9/27

Thought I'd show you the choices since I only bought one type.
4- Betty Crocker CTC Muffins $2.50 ea
used 2-$1.10/2 HERE
final price- $1.90 ea.

Meijer canned veggies are .33 ea.
I'm already stocked!
BONUS! Had no idea.
$1.24 ea
then I happened to have
 .55/1 ANY Mission produce peelie I found weeks ago
final price-.69

Mc Cormick season packs on sale $1
they had many others but this is the only type I use.
Meijer beans are on sale .79

Betty Crocker Frosting on sale $1.67
used 1- .75/2 in 8/5 GM
final price-$1.30 ea.
This isn't an awesome price, but
with the holidays coming up and the coupon expiring
I had to get a couple.

Farm Rich (boxed) on sale $2
used 2- $3/2 HERE zipcode 90210
final price- .50 ea
this coupon beeped, but there
was no size restriction or anything
so she pushed it through.

Center Cut Boneless Pork Loin $1.67 a pound!!
I had the butcher cut off the layer off fat on the bottom
then cut 1/2 into chops and leave the rest for a roast.

Bananas .44 a pound
Eggs .99 a dozen
8-Scrubbing Bubbles on sale $2.50
I used 4- $2/2 in 9/23 SS
final price- (before cat) $1.40 ea.
got back a $5 cat for spending $20 on Scrubbing Bubbles

Did a seperate transaction
bought 6- Pledge multi-surface spray at $3.69 ea.
used 4- B1G1 in 9/23 SS
these beeped for no apparent reason so
she pushed them through.
also used 3-.50/1 HERE
final price (before cat) $1.59 ea.
got back a $5 cat for spending $20 on Plegde

$2/1 is AWESOME !

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012


All their Revlon is on 40% off.
I used 6- $5/1 foundation, primer, concealer, powder, blush
in 9/9 SS
I paid $6.62 for all the above
that's $1.10 EACH!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Meijer 9/20- $31.33 for everything below-

First transaction final price -$4.64
The prices listed are after INSTANT SAVINGS.
You must do transactions of 8 and have to do them separately. 
1st transaction for the buy 8 get an instant $8 off
4- Nabisco Crackers - $1.50
used 2- $1/2 Nabisco Target Q HERE
also used 2 -.75/2 in 8/5 SS
final price- .62 each

Crystal Light on sale $1 ea.
used 2- $1/2 Target Q HERE
final price- .50

2nd transaction final price -$3.05
Crystal Light (same as above)
Kraft Chuck Cheese $1.49
(no coupons)
3rd tranascaction 
final price- $22.64
BUT it included Chicken for $9.33
I used my 2-$3 Crystal Light Catalinas also

Oreos $1.98
used 2- $1/2 in 8/5 SS
final price- $1.60 ea.

Oscar Meyer Hotdogs .99
used 2-.75/1 Target Q HERE
final price- .24

Velveeta  $4.47
used $1/2 MQ on Target site HERE
final price- $3.97
This is an awesome price for the BIG 32oz brick!

Damimals on sale $1.89
used 2- .75/1 in 8/19 SS
coupon states the CRUCNHERS
 but will work on any of the Danimals
final price- $1.14

Ortega Black Beans on sale .74 ea
used $1/2 in Sept. ALL YOU
final price- .24 each

Act SENSITIVE Mouth Wash $3.39
used $2/1 sensitive in 8/19 SS
plus $1/1 TQ
final price- .39 each

Chicken is $1.87 a pound!

Monday, September 17, 2012

CVS 9/17

ACT $3.99
used 1-$2/1 in 8/19 SS
got back $1 ECB
final price- .99

Centrum Pro Nutrients on sale $9.99
used 2- $5/1 in 9/16 RP
got back $4 ECB
final price- $2.99 ea.

Dawn Detergent .99
used 4- .75/1 in 8/26 P&G
final price - .24 ea.

iDgum .99
used B1G1 in 9/16 SS
final price- .49 ea.

CVS Cotton Rounds $3.59
used coupon from the red machine
$3 off any CVS facial product!
final price- .59 !!

CVS Body Wash $2.37
used a $3 off any CVS body wash.
final price- FREE!

Herbal Essence $3.50
used a coupon I got from the company
to get any product FREE!

CVS on 59 & Army Trail Rd. had lots of
Sun Glasses for 50% off.
Wouldn't you know that mine just broke yesterday.
Good timing.

Wags - 9/24 I have not been there in months!

The O Cedar mops are on sale 50% off
BUT I got lucky and found a few on clearance 
for $5.99 (too bad I only had one coupon )
I used $2/1 HERE
final price- $3.99

Nice water $1.99 (limit 3)
earned 1500 points on the rewards card

Nice gelatin 4/$1 with in-ad coupon

Blistex Moisture $2
got back $2 RR

Nice Baking Soda .59 with in - ad
Salt is also included

Halls Defense 2/$3
used $1/2 in 9/16 SS
earned 1000 points = ($1 RR)

iD Gum 2/$2
used B1G1FREE in 9/16 SS
final price-.50 ea.
earned 1000 points

Skinny Cow .59 ea. with in -ad
used 3- B1G1FREE in 7/29 RP
final price- .29 ea.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Meijer 9/13

Yoplait Simplait on sale .50
used 6- .30/1 in 8/26 SS
final price- .20 ea.

Activia yougurt on sale $1.88
used 2- $1/1 in 8/19 SS
coupon states "Breakfast Blend" 
bought regular
final price- .88

Grands Biscuits on sale .99
used $1/3 HERE
final price- .66

Earthbound Greens on sale $2.50
used .75/1 HERE
final price- $1.75

Raspberries .99

Can you say TRICK OR TREAT?!
6 Nestle fun size Candy 
is part of the buy 10 get an instant $5 off
used 3- $1/2 in 9/9 RP
final price- $1.75 a bag!

Buitoni is also part of the buy 10 get an instant $5 off
I used 4- $1/1 in 7/22 SS
final price- $1.49
be careful not all types are included in the sale

Quaker Rice cakes on sale .99
used an old peelie for .55/2
final price- ..49

Totinos Pizza Rolls on sale .99
used 2- $1/2 HERE
final price- .49 ea.

$3.50 ea.
used B1G1 FREE in MPERKS
also used 1 - $1.50/1 in 9/9 RP
final price-$1 ea.

Clearance Cottage Cheese!

Still doing the Kraft deal!
I only got a $5 cat again and it looks like it has something to
do with the salad dressings. Although it states on the $5 cat I got
they are included, it still didn't come through. SO I went to
Customer Service and they gave me a $5 in store credit.
I just love how she knew nothing about the Kraft Cat!
Stick with cheese only and you should be fine.

Bought 8- Kraft 8oz. Touch of Philly $1.88 ea.
used 4- .55/2 in 8/19 SS
final price- $1.65 ea. not including the cat

Kraft 16 oz. salad dressing $1.99 ea.
used $1/2 MQ HERE
also used 21- $1/1 Target Q HERE
final price- .49 ea. before cat

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sunday 9/16 only at Jewel- final price $1.13 after face book coupon!

click HERE
grab 2 coupons- hit the back button


click HERE

Caputos 9/12 - total- $13.59

opps forgot the squash!

Romaine Lettuce- $1.49 ea
Corn 4/$1
Squash .39 a pnd.
Cantaloupe .50 ea.
Red Peppers .79 a pnd.
Gala Apples .89 a pnd.(bought 4.5 pnds)
 FINALLY a good price.
(it does say they are XL, but I found a bunch of small ones)
Zucchini .59 a pnd.
Onion .59 a pnd.
Alpin Lace Cheese is on sale $4.99 a pnd.
I used $1 off 6oz. or more
I got it from
You'll need to go to her site to get it cause I couldn't copy it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

$1/1-these go on sale B1G1 at Meijer frequently

click HERE

Meijer- 9/11- thanks for a heads up from my buddy for this shopping trip!

I used $1/2 in the 9/9 RP
(what great inserts we got this past weekend!)
I also had this $2/2 cat from Jewel so I used it at Meijer.
The Digiorno pizza is $3.99
Final price- $3.49 ea. or if you 
have a cat like I did to use it's $2.99 ea.

They have a few new types of Pizzas. I thought
the Chicken Parmesan looked awesome!
The pizza on the left is the heaviest of all the boxes and was included
in the deal. Most for your money.
Also CPK are on sale for $3.99, you can use the $1/1 in 9/9 RP to make them
$2.99 ea.!

I got a couple of these peelies at Target a week or so ago.
$1/2 Red Baron, Freschetta or Tony's Pizza
Red Baron are on sale $2.99
after coupon $2.49 ea.

Lots of clearance in the liquor dept.
Lots of mixers 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Good Deal at Meijer on Thursday

There are a bunch of deals starting on 9/13 at Meijer.
I read it on also listed on
Here are a few of the items I'm interested in-

Nestle Choc. Chips (Holiday Stock Up!)
Nestle Refridge. Cookie Dough
Tombstone Pizza
Hot Pockets
Lean Cuisine
Laffy Taffy, Nerds ect. ( HALLOWEEN)
Tottinos Pizza Rolls
Butoni Parm

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Proceed to party!

$1.00 off Two (2) Solo Products
$1/2 HERE

NOT so exciting Thursday.

Won't be shopping today. Not much out there. If something good comes up I'll post it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012