Monday, August 29, 2011

second trip to CVS today, couldn't help myself.

my total before coupons was $29
after OOP $1.03
I only used $5 ECB TOO.
Oreo and other Nabisco snack packs $1 ea.
I used .75/2 in 8/7SS
final cost -.62 ea.

Dawn is same deal as below post.

Extra gum on sale 3/$2
I used 3-.50/2 in  7/31 SS
final price- .41 ea.

Visine is B1G150%
they were $4.59 ea
second one $2.29
used 2- $3/1 HERE
final price- .44 ea.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths on sale. $4.99
Just got a coupon for one FREE up tp $4.99
in the mail.
final price- FREE

AND after the Dawn and the Visine I've got $17.77 working
toward a $10 gas card. I might have to go get some Tide.


had lots of boneless/skinless Chicken on sale $1.59
stock up time!

Wags 8/29

Carmex $1.50
got back $1.50 RR

Jello .59 w/in -ad coupon.
for some reason I needed it, hummmm

Playtex gentle glide on sale $3.99
used 4- $2/1 in 8/14 SS
got back a $1 RR on each.
final price-.99 ea.
BUT you must do separate transactions and the
check out person had no problem with it. 

CVS 8/29

Dawn in on sale for .99
.50/1 for the reg.
.75/1 for the Olay
in 8/28 P&G
final price- .24-.49

Also got a coupon from the red machine for
FREE Always panty liners

Friday, August 26, 2011

Jewel- FREE Ken salad dressing- I got 4 today and paid .7 CENTS!

I don't have time to take a pic and load and post.
BUT this is an awesome deal
used the $1/1 in 8/16 SS

Look what I got in the mail yesterday! MORE FREE stuff!

It pays to sign up for FREE stuff.
This month already I've recieved-
2- Pantene products of my choosing
1- Aussie product of my choosing
1-Oikos Yogurt
1-Can cat food (giving to a friend)
1- Freschetta pizza slice

Heads up! A friend told me about this one.

Look what Walgreens added to the bottom of the catalina.
I used one at Jewel yesterday with no questions, BUT I think it's
only a matter of days before Jewel no longer accepts them.
This is horrible!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jewel- not much there this week. BUT

The Sorrento Ricotta was worth the stop.
Soon we'll be making those fall foods like LASAGNA :)
This freezes well to
On sale for $2.99
used 4- $2/1 in 6/26 SS
final price- .99 ea.

In only ONE of my Parades this past Sunday I got
a coupon for a FREE Dannon Oikos yogurt.

Meijer- I've got more of these rebate forms if anyone would like one? They expire 8/31

Buy bud light lime 12 pack
AND $10 worth of Seafood (fresh of frozen)
get back a $10 pre-paid card
The Shrimp was $11.99
Beer was $10.49
once I get that card back it's like I paid
$12 for both. You can use the card on anything including gas.

It pays to grab hang tags, peelies, tear pads and whatever coupons you can find because you never know when your going to need them.

I found some $1/2 Pepsi liter hang tags a couple of weeks ago.
Dominicks has their Pepsi liters on sale .89 ea.
I used 10- $1/2
final price- .39 each!

K- Mart is double coupons for this week.

bought 10 Oreo /Chips Ahoy to go cups $1 ea.
used 5-.75/2 in 8/7 SS
then got an instant $3 off for buying $10 worth of Kraft products
final price- got paid .50 for the transaction!

Oral B essential floss on sale $1.79
used .75/1 in 7/31 P&G
final price- .29 ea.

Betty Crocker Frosting $1.79
Cake mix on sale for $1.25
used .75/1 Frosting & Cake mix in 8/7 GM
final price- $1.54 for both

My total bill was $2.62 AND the cashier told me it's
the best she's seen anyone do! LOVE IT!

K-Mart in Bloomingdale does not carry the Green Works Laundry Stain remover
and were out of the Shick Hydro Shave Gel

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Walgreens YEAH!!

buy 3 bars of Dove soap for $3.20 (including tax)
Did separate transactions with the help of Mark and Dylan!
get back a $6 catalina
I made $18 for buying 18 bars of soap.
All I needed was an in-ad coupon from the Sunday insert.


click HERE

Oh the wine drinkers get a coupon!

$1/1 click HERE and "like" on facebook


click HERE and "like" on Facebook.

Did you use all your coupons at Meijer already? Here's more coupons!

.75/1 HERE


click HERE and "like" on Face book
With this coupon I know you can get the
Crunch 'n Clean treats for free on a sale.

Cheap cereal at Jewel

Total is on sale at Jewel for $1.88
use $1/1 HERE and get it for .88

Sunday, August 21, 2011

CVS in Macomb was very good to me.

I saw a CVS out by my daughter's College and I said 
I think there's a great deal in that store.
 YES, there was.
The Grape UV was $3.74
(I'm thinking Jello shots)
and the Watermelon Smirnoff was $9
(that's a huge bottle too)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sorry I've been ignoring you all- this is too good not to post.

click HERE
print right away, it'll go fast.
I scored some cheap Starburst with this coupon last time.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I saw this on another blog, and man o man I WISH!

Meijer 8/11

Bought 14 capri sun (no coupon) at $1.77
got $8 instantly off of 8
final price- .77 a box!

also threw in 2 Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese (cause I just ran out)
 it's included in the $8 off instantly wyb 8 participating products.
final price- .99 ea.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Target 8/10

On sale $2.50
used 4-$1.50/1 in 8/7 RP
final price- $1!

Sou patch on sale 2/$4
These are the big bags!
used  2- $1/2 in 7/10 SS
also used  Target Q .75/2 HERE
final price- $1.12 each bag

Trident and Stride 3 packs on sale $2 ea.
used 4- $1/3 in 8/7 SS
also used Target Q 6-$1/2 HERE
final price- .37 a pack 

Ritter sport bars on sale $1.05
used $1/2 HERE
final price- .51 ea.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wags 8/9

Total Gum Defense is 2/$6 (no sign of this sale)
used 2- $1.50/1 HERE
OOP $3.42
got back a $4 RR!!!!

CVS 8/9

found this on clearance for $1.14 ea.
I used $3/2 in 7/31 RP
paid .22 ea. (including tax)

Last day to vote for me- PLEASE!

It's so easy, click HERE
then scroll down to my name- Marygrimes
click on it
then click the vote circle!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Meijer 8/6

B1G1 FREE today only!
used 4-.85/2 here
final price-$1.07 ea.

Did three transactions.
Buy 2 boxes of Snackwell Cereal Bars for $5.00.
Use two 0.75/1 from the 7/31 SS.
Pay $3.50
Get back a $3.00 OYNO mfg Catalina.
final price-.25/box!

B1G1FREE today only!
$3.49 ea.
used 4-.50/2 MEALBOX
final price- $1.49 ea.

Trident on price drop $1 ea.
used 4-$2/3 in 7/24 SS
final price- .33 ea.

B1G1FREE today only
$1.25 ea.

Meijer chicken breast on sale $1.69 a pnd.through Wed.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I got 2 FREE product cards in the mail this week!

It pays off signing up for FREE stuff!

Jewel 8/2

Random shopping, had to go in and use my Milk coupon.
Milk $3.59
my cat coupon took off $4.50
final price-  .91 MM

Jewel buns on sale $1.25

Red peppers on sale 2/$1

Red Onion .75 (not a great price, needed for a recipe!)

Frito Lay cheese dip on sale $1.99

Blueberries $2

Malibu Rum on sale $11.99

Jewel Italian sausage B1G1FREE
Plus got another $3 off when buying the Malibu
Final price-$1.89 each.

I paid with $16 in RR from Wags
paid $6.68 OOP!!

I didn't realize until I was walking out of the store
 that they must have used some towards the booze!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Please vote for me, it's easy. Only a click.

I entered a contest. I need people to vote for me so I can win it!
I've never made a video before and it's really cheesy, but worth the embarrassment if I win.
All you have to do is click HERE and then scroll down the page until you see my name on the video Marygrimes.
Thank you very much : )

Sorry I've not been posting much lately.

I'm busy helping my daughter get ready for College.
I'm still shopping, just not getting it on the blog.
I will be back in full force in about 20 days.
Until then, I'll post as much as I can.

CVS 8/1

4- skippy =$6.67
used 2-$1/1 in 7/31 RP
8- shampoo/conditioners=$24.00
used 4-B1G1FREE in 7/21 RP
the first coupon took off $6( and the teller left it that way)
the rest took off $3
paid $13.68
got back $10 gas card
final price- $3.68 for 12 items!
.30 each.

All above items were free.
I got a coupon from the coupon machine for the pantiliners FREE
Revlon items were on clearance for $1
used 2- $1/1 HERE

Well the daughter needed this and there are NO coupons out there.
BUT I did get a $3/$10 cosmetics  from the coupon machine AND
you get a $5 cat when you spend $15
turned out to be okay deal.