Monday, October 31, 2011

Dom's 10/31- Hopefully my last visit there for a long time!

I got some good deals, but they scrutinized my every coupon, 
and even turned one down that I used at Meijer after I left Dominick's!
There was a long line behind me and she had to study every coupon and then
ask the bagger to look and see if I go the item, and I didn't even get that much for her not to remember! I honestly cannot stand
this store. It doesn't matter which Dominick's you go to they are all the same.

Safeway Select Ice Cream is in my JUST4U $1.99
Get a Safeway Super Premium pint FREE wyb the Select
final price- $1.99 for both

Grapes on JUST4U .77 a pnd.

Oreos $1.77 on JUST4U
used $1/2 coupons found at ultra
final price- $1.27

Duracell $6.99
loaded $2/1 JUST4U
used .75/1 in 10/30 P&G
final price- $4.24

Tide Loaded JUST4U 50 oz. $6.99
also loaded JUST4U $2/1 Tide (one time only)
used $2/1 in 10/30 P&G
final price- $2.99
(I cannot believe I paid this much for laundry
detergent when I've got so much. I guess it's all the hype about TIDE that
made me try it)

my total bill was - $11.98
still very good considering I got $7 batteries and $7 detergent PLUS
everything else.

Wags 10/31

Domino Brown Sugar and Confectioners Sugar .99 with in-ad coupon
used 3- .50/1 in 10/16 RP
final price- .49 ea.

Ricola $2 get back a $2 RR
I used B1G1FREE in 10/2 SS
final price- 2 FREE

Mars Halloween candy on sale $2.49
with a .50 RR
used 2-$1.50/1 HERE
(did a separate trans. for the candy
final price-  .49

They also had these coupon booklets at the make-up counter!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jewel- I feel like I robbed the store! total was $2.54 and I didn't pay with any Register Rewards!

Do you get the booklet in the mail from Jewel? with the coupons for a
certain dollar amount off a purchase? There are also store coupons in it.
Well one that I got was for $1/case of Chillin water (which our Jewel doesn't carry)
so they took it off the Jewel water without a problem, no beeps.
final price- $2.50

Grande Chips on sale (with pref. card) $2
used 4- $1/1 in 9/11 SS
final price- $1

Culinary Pizza on sale $5
used $1/1 in the booklet I got from Jewel in the mail
final price- $4

Essential pasta on sale $1.25
used $1/1 in the booklet
final price- .25

Cover girl make-up 30% off
Eye shadow $2.44
2-eye make-up removers- $2.94 ea.
lash curler-$3.49
used 2-$8/2 in 10/2 P&G (these coupons expire in 4 days!)
final for all- $4.19 MONEY MAKER PEOPLE!

Soft soap $1
I used a $1/1 cleaning product cat I got back weeks
ago from Jewel and it worked on the softsoap!
I also used a $5/25 HERE
handed it over first.

BONUS I got 2 cats for more FREE stuff!

Dominick's 10/27

Oreos $1.77 loaded on my JUST4U
used 2- $1/2 coupons I found at Ultra
final price- - $1.27 ea! I did 2 trans. for Oreos
only, limit 3

Bananas loaded on my JUST4U deal match .39 a pnd.

Red Grapes .77 a pnd. loaded on JUST4U

Sara Lee Deli Turckey $3.99 a pnd. JUST4U
bought 1/2 pnd. used $1/ half pnd. in 10/2 RP
final price- $1 

Fresh Express $1
loaded in my JUST4U

Old El Paso Tortilla Stuffers FREE w/$10 min.
loaded in my JUST4U

ChiChis Taco Sauce FREE w/$10 min purchase
loaded in my JUST4U

total - $9.42

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm getting a foster baby tomorrow- is he not the cutest pup? I might not let this one go.

Rocky!: Pit Bull Terrier, Dog; Frankfort, IL
Rocky!: Pit Bull Terrier, Dog; Frankfort, IL

 Rocky is a 3-1/2 month old pitty baby who is to die for! Rocky loves EVERYONE and EVERYTHING, is happy, super smart, easy going, loves to play with all people and dogs, enjoys being outside, loves to cuddle BIG TIME, is crate trained, almost housebroken and is so flippin' cute.On top of that, when he looks at you with his beautiful golden eyes, he just simply melts your heart! We cannot believe someone was going to euthanize such an ambassador for the breed.
Rocky's adoption donation is $350. If you would like more information about Rocky, please feel free to e-mail us at .

Monday, October 24, 2011

Wags 10/24

Thera Max Nasal Spray $7.99
get back $8 RR

Covergirl is B1G150%
totaled $7.88
used the $8/2 in 10/2 P&G
your crazy if you don't use this coupon
it expires 10/31!!!
final price-  .22 MM

DenTek is 2/$4
get back a $2 RR wyb2
final price- $1 ea.

Finese I LOVE IT!
I obviously don't need it as you can
see from the pic below of my hair product stockpile, I've
got over 200 products.
Finese is my favorite and it will be FREE after mail in rebate.
On sale $1.99
used 2- $1/1 in 10/16SS
Mail in rebate is $2 back

Dom's 10/24-Everything I bought you need to load on your JUST4U

Pantry milk $1.77
3 garlic- $1
2- Mission totrillas $1.49
used 2-$1/1 peelies
80% Ground Beef  $1.49 a pnd.
(must buy family pack)

Doritos $1.77 (limit 3)
Ketlle Chips $1.99
used 2- $1/1 in 9/25 RP
piad .99
Check expiration dates!
The first 3 bags of the Kettle I picked up expired in SEPT!!!
The 2 I got are in Feb. and Doritos in Dec.

I paid with the $10 GC Budweiser gave me for drinking their beer.
Only owed $7.11 OOP

K-Mart is doubling coupons up to .99

Limit 5
they are on sale for $1.88 with the in-ad coupon right by the product
I also used 5-.50/1 in 8/28 SS
Final price- .88 ea

Bar S hotdogs are $.88 with in ad coupon right by them also
used 2- .75/2
final price-  .13 ea.!

Chinet  Casuals $1.49
used 4-.55/1 in 7/24 SS
final price- .39 ea!

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $2.79 ea.
buy  get an instant $4 off
2-.50/2 in 10/9 SS
final price- $1.29 ea.

Total for everything before coupons was $34
after it was $12

Bloomingdale K-Mart was out of
Skinny Cow Singles
Mardi Gras Napkins
Dominos Sugar

The Welchs Jelly was $2.49, not $1.49

They didn't carry the Dijon Mustard

Make sure and call your K-Mart before going to
make sure they are doubling.

CVS 10/23 - two transactions

Spend $12 on advertised glade products get back  $4 ECB
All the time Dylan and I spend at the allergist every week paid off!
Not only for his allergies but coupons too! While we wait, I go through
the magazines for coupons. They have lots of good coupons.
I got high value Glade coupons.
There are lots of coupons in inserts too.
Check your coupon look up site.
The candles were $3 ea. (smell awesome)
the sense and spray was $5
I had $3/1 candle SO FREE!
I had $2/1 Sense and Spray
with the $ ECB it was a $1 MM

 4/$2 Starburst 
used 2- B1G1FREE
no longer avail. but if you printed use it here.

2 sense and spray $10
1 candle $3
used $5 in coupons
got back $4 ECB
final price- $4

Cool thing
I got a $5 off full size Lumene product coupon at
the bottom of my receipt 
I needed make up remover,
it was $6.29
paid- $1.29 plus some tax 

Wags 10/22 - NO ONE coupons in Macomb, shelves were stocked!

Theraflu were 2/$10 with a $5 RR back
I got 4- $2/1 coupons off of the Theraflu bottles
I did two separate trans.
paid- $12 for all 4
go back $10 RR
final cost - .50 a box!

Finally got to use my $2/1 REACH toothbrush coupon
(no longer avail.)
toothbrush $2.99 with a .99 RR back
used the $1/2
final price- FREE

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wags 10/20

2/$10 get a $5 RR back
used 2- $2/1 HERE
final cost- .99 ea.
(if you include the RR)

Did a separate trans.
same deal 2/$5 with a $5 RR
I had printed the  $3/2 HERE
but when I got to the store the bottle had $3.50/2
so I used that instead.
final cost- .74 (after RR)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Chili

2 lbs boneless skinless chicken breast
1 cup chopped onion
1 cup sliced carrots
1 cup sliced celery
1 cup chopped apple
(recipe does not call for this, but 
I put it in to add a sweetness)
1-28 oz can diced tomatoes (un-drained)
1-15 oz. can black beans
1 cup chicken broth
2-teaspoons chili powder
1/2 cup Buffalo wing sauce
1/2 cup crumbled blue cheese

Put all ingredients in crock pot EXCEPT
wing sauce and cheese.
Cook on high  6-8 hours
stir in Buffalo sauce
crumble blue cheese on it once
you've served it in bowls.

High Value Minute Maid Juice Boxes Coupon $2/1

click HERE you have to share with 3 friends to get it!

Dominick's 10/19- Two great days in a row!

20 boxes of Capri Sun
reg. priced at $1.99
read HERE(scroll down on the page)
to find out how to get them for
.69 a box. Or if you have the coupons below
from the tear pad they are .21 a box!

1- 30 oz. Hellmann's Mayo reg. priced at $4.99
1-Wishbone salad dressing reg. priced at $3.19
Read HERE to find out how I got them for FREE

Needed the next two items listed below for my crock pot Buffalo Chicken Chilli
BUT ALL the other items were from my stock pile!
1- Celery I paid $1.69
1-Crumbled blue cheese I paid $ 2.39

I used 10 of the $1/2 from the coupon tear pad I found at Ultra 1 few weeks ago.

my total bill was $.987
if you were to minus the celery and blue cheese which
are the two items I paid full price for-
my bill would have been $5.49!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Target - 10/18 WOW!!

4 larger Vaseline lotions (BONUS SIZE) $5.04 ea
4 smaller lotions $2.99 ea.
used 4- Vaseline coupons from 10/2 RP
for buy a big one, get a small free
they took off $3.99 ea. when they were price $2.99
I paid $16.16 and got back 3 - $5 Target Gift cards
That's 12 bottles of lotion!

Did a second transaction with all of the above.
buy 4 Q-tips $2.69 ea. (285 or larger)
used 4- .60/1 in recycle bank
(was my first time and very easy)
used 4- $1/1 HERE
got back a $5 GC
if you count that
final cost -.9 ea.
if not then $1.09 ea.

2 Playtex Tampons $6.94 a box!!
used $4/2 (no longer avail.)
used 2-$1/1 TQ HERE
final price- $3.94 ea.

Extra gum
2 packs on clearance for .84 ea
2 packs .99 ea.
used 2-$1/2 in 9/25 SS
also used 2-$1/2 TQ HERE
final price- .34 MM
used TQ

Tic Tacs $1.09
used 1- .55/1 no longer avail
2- $1/2 in 10/2 RP
final price- .57 ea.

Beggin Strips 2/$5
used 2- $1/1 TQ HERE
also had coupon from a box $1.50/2
final price- .75 ea.

T-Bones $2.64 ea.
also used coupon from a bag $1.50/2
used 2- $1/1 TQ HERE
final price- .89 ea

Total before coupons was $48
After coupons and my
I  3-$5 GC from the first transaction
I paid $3.02!!!!

Meijer 10/18

DiGiorno $3.99
used 2- $2/1 posted below (re-set)
got back a $1 wyb2
did two trans.
final price- $1.49 ea.

Healthy Choice Cafe steamers are $2
used 2-$1/1 HERE
final price- $1 ea.

Dr. Pepper Ten
used 2- FREE coupons in 10/9 SS
(of course that's the weekend I only got 2 inserts)

Welches Grape Jelly on price drop- $2.15
used 2- ,55/1 in 9/25 SS
final price- $1.60

Reynolds cup cake cups on price drop .79
used .25/2 in 10/2 SS
final price-  .53 ea.

Mirror $3.99

4 UP2U gum .99 ea.
used 2- $1/2 in 9/11 SS
final price- .49 ea.

Apples on sale .59 a pound
(had to get more, they are awesome)

Cover girl and Maybelline make up totaled $8.27
used the $8/2 Covergirl in 10/2 P&G

CVS 10/18

Bought 6- Wisk at $4.99
used 6- $2/1 in 10/16 RP
Needed to get to $30 for the $10 gift card
I threw in the $1 snickers 8 pack
( I heard you didn't need to)

The make up wedges were on clearance .25 ea.
The Make up pads were also on clearance .50 a bag!

I used $10 in ECB
paid $15.10
got back a GC ( I choose Old Navy)
there is Macy;s and a bunch of others to choose from.

The Wisk turns out to b e $1.32 ea. if you include the GC


They keep sending me a $10 off ANYTHING coupon in my e-mail
I've received about 4. I normally go in and buy clearance stuff.
Today I got a normally $38 sweater on sale for $22 minus the $10
I paid $13.92

Friday, October 14, 2011

Walgreens 10/14

Halls Warm ups are on sale $1 with a $1 RR 

Cover Girl is B1G150%OFF
I used the $8/2 coupon in 10/2 P&G
(they expire on 10/31, if you do not want
them I will take them!)

Rimmel is also B1G150%OFF
also used the $8/2 in 10/2 P&G

final price- $9.52

Did you print this coupon? Have you had problems using it?

Walgreens would not accept it, he told me it was photo copied!
Basically telling me I did something illegal. NOT!
So I took it to CVS and of course they took it. It
did beep but she just pushed it through.
I love CVS : )

CVS coupon

I got a CVS coupon in the mail to try this for FREE
I went to get mine and they were on sale for $11.99
the coupon automatically took off $13.99
I had something else in my order, so make sure you do too.

Jewel- not a bad little deal if your already going.

$4.29 ea on B1G1
used 2- $1.50/1
FINAL COST - .16 ea.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

$1/1 sauce on face book

click HERE


click HERE, take the pledge on facebook
Make sure to use your back button to get 2
Then off to Meijer you go.
They are on sale $3.99
 with a $1 cat back wyb2!

Meijer 10/13

Family Size Triscuit FREE
Got a coupon for a  free family
 size box from
2- Peak Ice Tea (my new addiction)
used 2- $1/1 HERE
I think I'm going to the Library and paying
.15 a copy for these coupons!

Digiorno $3.99 ea.
used 2- $1/1 in 9/11 RP
get back $1 OYNO
they are rolling

Pork on sale $1.99 a pound
 I had the butcher cut the fat,  leave half in a big chunk,
and cut pork chops for me on the rest.

Bought $6 worth of SALE deli items.
 I had a meijer coupon that printed from cat machine
for $1 off $6 worth of Deli items

.59 a pound. I bought the Gala

All of the items posted in the above 3 pics are part of the buy10 get the 11th FREE.
Don't ask why I bought 12!!
I used -.40/2 Totinos in 10/2 GM
I used 2- .40/2 Pilllsbury grands HERE
I used 1-$1/2 Old El Paso Products from a tear pad
no coupons on candy or Bread BUT we need it
for a movie and sandwiches.

$1.50 ea.
Had a cat coupon for $3 off ANY Meijer Natural Product

Had an old $1/2 Skittles coupon (no longer avail.)
on sale .79 ea.
final price- .29 ea.

2- UP2U gum .99 ea.
used 2- $1/1 in 10/9 SS

Okay so yeah, I had a Meijer cat coupon
for $1 off a combined purchase of $5
on cookies and/or crackers.
So it included the FREE triscuits, which were $3.50
I dunno. Dylan loves them! Better than full price, but
not great.