Thursday, September 30, 2010


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Fresh Express Coupon - You need to play the game first

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Not too early to think about Christmas! B1G1 Free on the candals.

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coupon expires 10/3

B1G1 Shick Razors

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Meijer in Bloomingdale is FULLY stocked with all types of the "I Can't believe it's not butter"!

6- I can't belive it's not butter- used 2- $1/4 Meijer Mealbox- got 3/$2 cats back - a .2 MM
6-Mac n Cheese- used $1/3 from Jewel fall booklet- final price .26 ea.
4-Freschetta Pizza - used 4 $1/1 from HERE also .75/1- 9/12 SS-final price $3 ea.
Tyson on sale $3.99 used $1/1- 7/24 SS final price -$2.99
4- Activia used 4/$1 off from 9/12 SS, plus 2-$1/2 Mealbox-final price - .50 ea.
2- fast shakes on sale for .49, there were .25 off hang tags- final price- .24 ea.
2-ziploc baggies- $1.50 ea- used 1- $1/1- DON'T DO THIS DEAL ( I was supposed to get cats and they didn't come out)
6-Kraft American cheese- Used my $5/5 Kraft items, PLUS I had Meijer retail peelies from months ago for
$1/2 final price-.66 each!
Fiber One Bars- on sale $2.25-used .50/2 -9/12 SS PLUS $1/2 Mealbox
final price- $1.25 (good for these)
total- $37.39-PLUS $6 in cats for next visit or to use at Jewel and Dominick's
saved $56.29
A couple of things I just figured out.
If you buy 2 bags of Tyson Chicken you'll get a $2 cat back
AND there is a Mealbox coupon for the Fast Shake PAncakes when you buy 3


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scrubbing Bubbles Coupons- grab them now

I love SC Johnson. They give high value coupons and the stores give us deals on
the products. I've got so many of these for free or nearly free.
I know Meijer has a catalina when you buy 2.
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$5 off $15 at T.G.I. Fridays

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$1/1 M & M Pretzel

"LIKE THEM" on Face Book HERE


There are so many free items to be had at Meijer starting tomorrow.
Here's a few. Actvia, Hidden Valley Ranch, Ziploc baggies as well as very cheap items like Frescheta pizza, kraft singles, ect...
Head over HERE to get the low down on all of them. Remember the sale already started in her region of the country so she's giving us a heads up to get our coupons ready.

Walgreens deal

Buy 2 Pantene Restore Beautiful Lengths $4 ea.
Minus B1G1 50% off sale = $6
Use 2- $2/1 coupons  8/29 PG
Pay $2
Get back a $2RR
 2 FREE Pantene products!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

.50/1 Dial Complete Hand Wash Pump

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$1 off any Reach By Design Toothbrush

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Panera lovers....

Panera has come out with a great new loyalty program called “My Panera“. Pick up a card at the register while you are there, then go online to register it. The first time you use it after you register, you will get a free reward.
Your first reward should be a FREE Pastry or Sweet! Remember to show your card at each visit as they track your purchases and “reward you with surprises” based on what you buy, and you'll get a reward on your birthday. It’s not a points program, but a random program!

Toy's R Us $5 off $25

This is an awesome time to start your Christmas shopping. They had this
coupon available the last two weeks and I used 4 of them.
Great thing is that the shelves are stocked full of those toys
your kids want and you don't have to run from store to store. We also used
it for Dylan's Halloween costume.
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Meijer deals starting 9/30-looks like a great week at Meijer

Go HERE to check out the deals for Meijer this week.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Meijers starting Thursday

Buy 6 "I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter" Spreads  around $1.33 ea.)
Total = $7.98
Use 2 $1/3 Meijer Mealbox HERE
Pay $5.98
Get back 3/$2 Cats for buying 6
Final all 6 for FREE!
I have a feeling this will go fast, let you know when I get home from Meijer Thursday morning.
I will be posting more Meijer deals this afternoon.


2/$5 - $2 RR = 2/$3
final price = .50 ea. when including the RR
Great thing about cleaners is they don't expire, so when on a sale like this I grab a couple.


Bought these 3 cards for $1.50 ea. = $4.50
got a $5 cat back for my next trip
It will NOT work on the .99 cards.
Must be Hallmark

Friday, September 24, 2010

These are a great deal- I bought them a month ago and they are offering the deal again!

$1.99 (including shipping)
click HERE, then use the promo
MINICOINS to get the deal.
I'm thinking stocking stuffers ; )

Money talk- Is it worth it?

Since I started couponing on Oct. 16, 2009 I've kept a spreadsheet.
Here are the facts-
In the last 11 months I've spent $3,924.32- which equals out to $81.00 a week.
This includes -food-beverages-toilet paper-kleenex-paper towels-napkins-household cleaners-laundry detergent-air freshners-gum-candy-toothpaste-toothbrushes-deoderant-make-up-shower gel-bar soap-
lotion-razors-contact solution-teeth whitening-vitamins-tampons-panty liners/pads-dog treats-
Here is what I used to spend a week-$281.00
Here is what I've saved in 11 months-$9,865.62!!
Heck yea, it's worth it.


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Thursday, September 23, 2010


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$1 off Dean's Pretzel Dip

click HERE (goes right to print)

$1 off Treseme Feesh Start

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High Value Coupon - I have a feeling there will be some great deals with these coupons.

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Copper and his woobie (yellow duck), having a hard time getting it away from him so I can wash it.

Meijer-total- $26.88

Ortega black beans- on sale .66 ea. Used $1/4 -Meijer Meal Box
plus 2/.50 - 9/12 SS = .16 each
Philly cream cheese on sale 4/$5- used the $5/5 Kraft coupon HERE .25 ea.
Maxwell house on sale $2.51-used 2/$1 from Jewel's fall savings booklet
also used .50/1 from Mperks
Got back $1 cat for buying 2 = .76 ea.
Yo Plus on sale $3/5- bought 2 at $1.66 used 2/.50- 8/8 GM = $1.16 ea
Nabisco 100 calorie 2/$5- used 2/$1 HERE = $1.50 ea.
Danimals yogurt-$1.99- used $1 coupon from 9/2 SS = .99
Kebbler cookies 2/$5- used $1/2 - 8/15 RP and $1/2 Meal Box = $1.50 ea.
Meijer veggies - $1- used 4/.50 from Meal Box = .50 ea.
Tyson Chicken $1.99 a pound
Ground beef $1.89 a pound
total =  $26.88

Former Santa's Village to become a Kiddie Park and opening Thursday

read more HERE

Dominick's today

Sun Chips on sale 2/$5-used 2/$1 from tear pads= $1.50 ea.
Quaker Oatmeal squares-used 4/$1 I got from Target when they were sampling them a few weeks back,
also used the in ad store coupon = .49 ea.
Campbell Select soup-on sale for .99-used 2/$1 - no longer avail.
Finsh Quantum on sale $4.99- used $3 off tearpad next to the product(normally $9.99)
total= $7.56

A quickie at Jewel today

Used 2/ B1G1 Uncle Bens (already gone)
also used a .75/2-8/15 RP 
Tribe Hummas is on sale B1G1-used 4/$1 off-8/29 RP
Use $5.50 in Wags RR

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

.55 off

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High Value Coupon $1 off- THIS IS MY 1000 POST

click HERE (sign in with FB)
and play the silly game, but too bad cause the one guy is HOT!

Walgreens Deal

L’Oreal Revitalift Smoothing Cleaner or Towelettes are priced at $5.99 this week.
Use the $1/1 from the Walgreens Sept Coupon Book
and Use the $3/1 HERE ( I printed 2)
Final Price: $1.99 ea

High Value Coupons

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$1/3 Lean Cusine-If you eat these, print this cause it's a higher value coupon

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

High Value $1 Starbucks Ice Cream Coupon!

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$1 off any Two Healthy Choice Frozen Dinners or Entrees

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Best store bought Gaucamole

$1/1 HERE

Jewel is by far the winner today

I'm too tired to explain it all right now, if your really interested then comment me and I'll post it tomorrow.

Meijer- I feel so bummed cause I should have recieved another $9 off this order!

Before coupons my total was $53
After is was $28.04
The Chardonney was a bonus-$6 for a big bottle
Pork Loin is an awesome price at $1.49 pnd.=$6.96
2-La Cross twizzers were B1G1 50% PLUS I had 2-$1/1 coupons 7/11RP
Lean Cuisine are 2/$5
Use B1G1F coupons and $1 HERE
for the soup and ziploc baggies deal go HERE


Not much this week and since they changed there policy and will not use e-coupons, I'm not sure I will be there much. BUT I do think the buy 2 Rosarita Refried Beans for $1 ea. and get a FREE Mission
Tortillas is STILL a good deal, even if they don't let you use a coupon for the tortillas!
Pillsury Sweet Moment are 2/$5- use 2-$1/1 off  at 8/8GM=$1 ea.

Ultra- a re-inactment of what I used when got caught in the down pour (didn't have my camera with me) pretty comical though..

10 boxes of Smart Taste Penne- got a rain check from them a month ago when it was 12/$10,
used 10-.55/1 HERE
Smart Balance Milk $1.99- Used 2/$2  from 9/12 RP or $1/1 HERE  
Wonder bread is .99-used the $1/2 from Jewel Fall Booklet
Campbell’s Select Harvest soup .99 (limit 6) Print $1/1 HERE for free soup!
Total- $6.59=.34 each item!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New B1G1 Starburst Gummibursts Coupon! I know someone who is going to like these : )

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HIGH VALUE Friskies cat treat coupon $1/1

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Found this HIGH VALUE $1/1 coupon

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Tomorrow Jewel is having a sale on Betty Brocker Brownies, cake mix and frosting.
When you buy 6 the price goes down to .99. When you use coupons, even lower.
You use the gluten free coupons above and they are FREE.
Coupons for the reg. items can be found in 8-8 GM or HERE
With the Holidays coming up, I'd grab these for .66 a box (reg. brownies)!