Friday, July 26, 2013

Ultra-Before coupons $87 - after $61

32 pack of water $2.50
Hicnkley water is also part of the sale but only 24
HONESTLY, whats in a name? IT'S WATER!

Marcal t.p. and paper towels on sale $3.88
used 2= $1/1 HERE
final price- $2.88

Jays on sale $2 each
used 3-1/2 in 5/19 SS
final - $1.50

Tradewinds Tea on sale 3/$5
used 4-$1/1 in 6/30 RP
final - .67 each!

Gatorade 32 oz o n sale .78
used above coupon
final - .58 each

Deans Milk on sale $1.88
used .55/1 in 6/23 SS
final - $1.33

5 notebooks - .89 each
2- Wide Rule paper -.68 each

I did it, I bought peanut butter without a coupon
a great price though 
$1.50 each

I've come to terms with the fact that I've got
an obsession with cheap BBQ sauce.
Garland Jacks on sale .88
used 4- $1/2 in 5/12 SS
final -.38 each

Barilla on sale .88
used .55/2 in 5/19 SS
final - .60 each

Family Oreo 2/$6
used .75/2 Nabisco products
cannot find the coupon cause I came 
across it while looking through inserts
and it's expired. Sorry...
final - $2.62 each

Deans dip on sale .88
had a few peelies from weeks ago
I've seen them everywhere on Jays bags.
.55/1 Deans dip wyb Jays Chips
final - .33 each

Treasure Cove crumbled cheese on sale $1.88
used 1-.75/1 in July AY
1- .55/1 in 7/14 SS
final - $1.23 each

6-Frigo Stinrg Cheese on sale $1.88
used 6-.50/1 in 6/2 SS
final - $1.13
the wording in the ad gives you various sizes,
when I bought the bigger one they fought me on it BUT 
I've heard they are honoring for some other people.

Needed above for recipe.
Red Pepper $1.58
Would not ordinarily pay that.
it was raining and I needed it for a recipe today.

Cilantro .68

Monday, July 22, 2013

Late night Meijer total - $1.66

Dole and Right Guard are part of the buy 10 for $1
get the 11th FREE!
I also used 3- $3/3 Right Guard HERE

I read something on mashupmom about buy
2 -2 packs of Meijer Lip Moisture for .89
get an instant $2 off.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Easy and yummy Frittata- it's a staple at the Grimes house!

I use anything I have leftover in the fridge.
This morning I had Broccolli, 
white onion, and Andoullie Sausage.
I've used all different veggies and meats before.
Sauteed it in 2 T. of butter

Mix 4 eggs, 1/4 cup milk, 1/2 any cheese,
and salt and pepper.
Then pour over veggies.

cook on stove top until
bottom is browned.
 Sprinkle more cheese on top
and broil for about 5 minutes or until
it's as brown as you like it!
Mark and I split it and are full.

Still getting paid to drink!

$5 back for the Seagrams Sweet Tea Vodka
which is awesome with Crystal Light Lemonaid

$10 back for Sauza Tequila- which cost me $9.98
for the Tequila and mixer together- SO FREE!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I found some good coupons out in the field : )

I found these at Wal-Mart
I used the Dailys coupon at CVS yesterday.
They are on sale for $1.80 each wyb 6
after coupon - .80 each

Great Ketchup coupon - this can used at Meijer too

$1.05 off when you buy any TWO (2) Heinz® Tomato KetchupAVAILABLE AT WINN DIXIE, FOOD LION, PUBLIX
click HERE for $1.05/2
click HERE for .55/1

Friday, July 5, 2013

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Okay Mister Anheuser Busch I figured out your system! You put your sales and coupons out in December and July- thank you cause that works for me!

Buy 24 cans of Bud for $13.88
get 2 bags of Dorittos for .1
so since your paying 1 penny for the Doritos
you can use the $5 off coupon below
 that I found at Ultra and Meijer.
THEN I'm sending in for the $4.29 rebate (odd amount)
I found at Jewel
final price for all - $4.59

Is 31 fridge packs of pop, lemonade and ice tea too much?