Thursday, October 31, 2013


This is a great choice for a healthier chip, it's gluten free.

Halloween stuff is on sale.
there's a .50/1 on

Pop Corners -$1

Terra Chips $2.50 each
used 1-$1.50/2 shown below
final - $1.75 each

Pam 20% off $2.25
used 2- $1/1 HERE
final - $1.25 each

Alpo small cans on sale .50
used 4-B1G1FREE (NLA)
but there is a B2G1FREE HERE

Velveeeta 2 lb on sale $5.48
get 2 cans or rotel FREE

Marie Callendar's Easy Sides $1.25
buy 4 get an instant $1 off
used 4-.75/1 in 10/6 SS
stack with 2 of the TQ HERE
final - FREE

Meijer Beans .79

for this deal. I did two separate transactions. It's
one -pre-paid card per household.

Oreos FAMILY SIZE and Saltines are part of 
a buy 5 get instant $5 off
I had $1/2 coupons I found at another store
also had $1/1 coke product wyb Oreos ect.
final -$2.02 each

Coke Liter .25

Hormel Pepperoni on sale $1
used 2-$1/2 HERE
final -.50 each

Hunts ketchup $.99
used 4- .20/1 in 9/22 ss
coupon expires Nov. 2
final -.79

below are coupons I found at stores 
and was able to use today!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kohls has their clearance an additionl 25% off. Total 75% PLUS I used my charge and got another 30%off!

This is for my daughters room.
Originally $59
I paid $12.59!
They have several at the Stratford Square Mall

Bins are bigger then the picture looks.
Originally $14
I paid $4.79

Meijer clearance at the Bloomingdale store

This are so cute- but I don't know
what I'd use them for.

I've been in need of a new colander.
When I looked the isle I saw
one for $24! I was so happy
to come across this one for $1.49 on clearance~
The magnetic clips were $2.49

Nice coupon! Meijer has these on sale ALL the time. $3/2

click HERE

Thursday, October 24, 2013

These go on sale at Meijer for $2 every few weeks. Print now!

dannon oikos dips
$2/2 HERE


Pop Secret on sale $1.66
used 6-$1/1 HERE
final .66 each

Jello .60
I used 1-$1.50 off Jello and Cool Whip (shown below)
in Nov. AY
final for both- .9!
10-Mc Cormick Grinders on sale -$1.65
used 5- $1.75/2 in 10/6 RP
final -.77 each
Hellmans on sale $2.99
used 2- $1.50/1 HERE zip 66106
final - $1.49
We are going to need these for the Holidays : )

HERE we go...
6 bags of Mars fun size $2.50 each
load $5/$15 worth of candy on your MPERKS
then I used 2- $2/3 HERE
also used 2-$1/2 fun size TargetQ HERE
final - .66 a bag!

Twix on sale .50
used B2G1Free HERE
final - .33 each

Sabra Hummus has a sign up under it B1G1FREE
didn't ring up that way.
They sign is for the 2 day sale Friday and Saturday.
They honored it for me since it was their mistake ; )
final -$2.15 each
Better than the Basha
Cool Whip .99
used the jello/cool whip coupon Nov. AY
final .9 for both
Cracker Barrel on sale $2.50
I used 2- $2/1 I received in an emial yeserday
and 2-$1/1 HERE
final - $1-$1.50
Heluva Good Dip on sale .99
used 2-.50/1 HERE
final - .49 each


$4.50 12 double rolls
used 1-$1.25/1 I found in a magazine at the doctors office
BUT there is a $1/1 in 10/6 RP
final - .27 a roll!

Coke products 4/$8.88
used $2/4 in Valli (no beeps)
final - $1.72 each

Purex $1.88
used 2- $1.50/2 HERE
final - $1.13 each

Dannon Light n Fit .48
limit 12 - no coupon

Flav-r-pak frozen veggies .88
used 2- .35/1 in 9/8 SS
final -.53 each

Soft Soap .88
used 4- .35/1 in 9/22SS
final - .53 each

Knorr sides 5/$4.40
used $1.50/1 HERE
final  - .53 each
Aunt Millies English Muffins .88
Hungry Jack Hash Browns. 88
used 4- .50/1 HERE
final - .38 each
someone told me these are good and super easy.
You put them in water and they expand
then throw in the frying pan!

Angel Soft Tissue .88
used 2- .50/1 HERE
final - .38 each
YES I have tons from the Jewel deal, BUT
when do you get tissue for .38 cents?
Cotton Swabs .88
I had a rain check from the last .88 sale

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Spend $20, get an instant $5 off
of Excedrin, Prevacid or Benefiber products.
100 caplets $8.96
24 caplets $2.49
used 5- $1/1 in 10/13 SS
and $1.50/1- 100 ct in 10/13 SS
final- $9.91 for all!
that's how much the big one alone is normally.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Any chance someone out there isn't collecting the stickers and would save them for me ? please : )

Okay, I've learned my lesson now!

Since I found great Liquor deals at one Jewel I thought
I'd try calling another. 
 I called Streamwood and they listed many items, some
are in the cart above. BUT I forgot what they had just told
me yesterday " just because it's in clearance doesn't mean it's a
less expensive price!".
The clearance liquor wasn't 50% off like the Bartlett store, each item was .50 off
the original price. I left the cart in the isle and walked out.
Ridiculous and also very sneaky of that store.

Jewel clearance alcohol - all below was 50% off, price listed reflects the discount.

ZYWIEC 12 pk. $6.49
Bell Amber Ale 12 pk. $9.99
Bud Select 12 pk.$4.24
Twisted Tea 12 pks $7.49
Heineken Kegs $9.99
SAPPORO 12 pk.$6.99

Jewel total $19 - not bad considering I paid full price for the cottage cheese and OJ

Fage on sale $1 
used 2- $1/4 HERE
final .75
not great but we needed it. AND it's
high in protein.

Nissan Big Cup Noodles 5/$2
used 3- $1/4 in 9/8 SS
final - .15

Campbell s home style soup on sale $1.25
used 4- $1/1 in 9/15 SS and 10/13 SS
final - .25 each

Mc Cain potatoes on sale $2.50
used 1- $1/1 HERE on fb
final - $1.50

Essential Everyday OJ -$2.89

Everyday Essential cottage cheese - $.299

Dial $1
used 2- $1/2 in 10/6 RP
final - .50 each

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Learned something new today and what a load of SH--!

I was chasing a deal I read about in Jill Cataldo's blog.
It's the Hefty deal listed below.
Trash bags are SOOO over priced and hard to get
a great deal on. Since I was running errands I passed a few Jewels
on the way.
Below is the detail of the Hefty deal Jill found.

Below is a picture of them.

Below is the clearance deal at Irving Park Streamwood.
$6.98! Of course I scanned it, then I spoke with someone near the isle, then I went to the service
desk. And they confirmed it was the clearance price and I told them it was not a reduced price.
It simply means they are getting rid of the product. I guess I'm an idiot because I thought it
meant a lower price. I showed them her Jill's blog ect. and they then told me not all
Jewel's have the same price on clearance.
WOW, talk about inconsistency!?
Of course I didn't buy them.
I then went to Carol Stream Jewel and below was their price.
Bartlett Jewel had the same price as Carol Stream.

I decided to buy 5 @ the $4.99
minus 5 - .55/1 in 9/15 SS
final - $4.44
because it's still a great deal,
and hard to find deals on these.
I looked in the isle at similar Hefty garbage bags
and they were priced $8.99

Carol Stream has many more and Bartlett has a few too.
Maybe Streamwood will mark them down eventually.
Bought the sauces on clearance as well.
Bob's sauce $1.50
and the Jerk Marinade $1.50


Suave professionals are 2/$4
used 2 - $1.50/1 in 9/29 RP
final - .50 each
I saw them cheaper at Jewel after I went to CVS
final at Jewel -.29!

Twizzlers 22 oz. is 2/$4
used $1/2 in 10/13 SS
got back $2 ECB
final -  .50 each

Scott Tissue $7.44 each
it's part of a promotion buy $30 worth
get back a $10 ECB
used 4-$1/1 in 9/22 SS
final -  .32 a roll is great.
I did include the $10ECB
in this total since I used  $10 ECB

Not many good deals this past week. Fall is supposed to be good. Hope things start to look up!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Meijer extra 5% off 10/11 & 10/12 - load on your MPERKS account

Campbell's Soup on the Go buy 10 get 11th FREE
I bought 12 so I could use 4- $1.25/3 (no beeps)
final price- .50 each

Allouette Sharp Cheddar Cheese $3
used - 2 $1/1 HERE
final- $2 each

used  2- $1.50/2 HERE
also 2- .50/1 TARGET Q\
final - .69 each

I got a rain check for the Basha Hummus
2 weeks ago. It was 50% off!

Buy $10 worth get an instant $3 off
$2.50 each
I did 2 transactions of 4 
used $1/3 HERE for the Wonka
and $2.10/3 HERE for Nestle
final - $.97 - 1.50 a bag

B1G1 at $2.56
used  1 - .50/1 in 9/29 RP
final - $1.03 each

Clorox Wipes $2.50 each
buy $10 worth get an $3 off
used 2- $1/2 HERE
final - $1.25 each

Finish was $4.19
used 1- .50/1 I cannot find witch insert! sorry guys
there was a peelie on the box " TRY ME FREE REBATE"
pic of peelie below
final - FREE

Chicken Breast $1.99 a pound

Michigan Apples .59 a pound

Meijer cooking spray 25% off
final -$1.94

Purina One reg. price $19.99
got an $5 OYNO cat for buying over $30 worth of Purina
used -2 $3/1 in 8/25 RP
also used $5/2 TQ in 9/8 RP
got 5% off
PLUS I loaded the $6 off REWARD in my mperks
wyb $40 of any pet needs. 
final - $10.99 each
(not including reward, have not yet earned it)