Sunday, February 27, 2011

Walgreens 2/27

I brought Mark with me since I had to do 2 transactions. Reason is
the Aquaphor and Listerine had RR.
Paid a total of $31.84
got back $19 in RR
check HERE for coupon match-ups I don't have time today.


Oral B cross action power toothbrush  $6.00, get $3.00 ECB limit 2. 
Used 2- $3/1 in 2/27 P&G
(they were not accepting the B1G1F coupon)
final price - FREE after ECB

Crest  ProHealth 4.2 oz  pay $3.29
 get $3.29 ECB limit 2. Used $1/1 in the 2/27 PG 
final price -  $1 MM after SCB

Dominick's 2/27-total - $25.21

Quaker instant oatmeal $1.77 limit 4 (with in ad coupon). Use $1.00/1 from the 1/2 RP 
final price - .77 ea. (got back a $2 cat, not included in final price)
Pop tarts $1.49 limit 3. Use $1.00/2 from the 2/6 RP
final price - .99 ea.
Cool Juice $2.50
"liked them" on facebook and they sent me a coupon for a FREE one
Cheezits $1.88 limit 6 with in ad coupon. Use $1.00/2 in the 1/30 RP
final price - $1.38 ea.
Skippy peanut butter $1.49 limit 8. Use $1.00/1 from the big party playbook (exp. 2/28)
 $.75/2 in the 1/30 RP (exp. 2/27)
final price- .49 ea.
Ken’s salad dressing $1.19 limit 3. Use $1.00/1 from the 1/9 SS (exp. 2/28) 
final price .19 ea.
7-Up .77 with in ad. Used .30 hang tags from CVS.
They expired yesterday but didn't beep and she took them.
final price -.47 ea
CPK on sale $5
if you printed the $1.25/1 
got back 2- $1.25 Cats = $5
final price - $3.75 ea. (not including cats)
total- $25.21
I got back $5 in Catalinas BUT it was a surprise.
CPK I got $1.25 cat for each pizza!
Quaker $2 cat

You need to ask for coupon booklet at the Customer Serv.
Also found $1/$5 Produce
(not positive but I think you can double with a MQ,
cause it's a Dominick's) So maybe Cuties? They are on sale
for $4.99 right now.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Meijer 2/25

buy 10 lean cuisine get $3 off instantly
on sale $2
used 5- $1/2 HERE
final price - $1.20 ea.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Just got a peak at Dominick's 4 day

I'm actually going to be shopping there on Sunday.
Here's what I spotted -
Ken's Salad dressing will cost me .19 ea. (if you don't like this type, I'd love your coupons 1/9 SS)
If you do like it, get there early.
7-up liters will cost me .47- I'm using the .30/1 hang tags I found at CVS this week- I didn't grab them all
cheez-it will be $1.38
pop tarts will be .99
Quaker oatmeal will be .77
CPK pizza will be $4.24
worth the trip for me.


click HERE

Thursday, February 24, 2011


click HERE

Love this place and never see coupons for them.

B1G1 Burrito FREE-expires 3/3!
click HERE

FREE Redbox rental movie tonight only

click HERE and "like them" on FB

Meijer Mperks

Here's the deal on the Mperks. You sign in by entering your cell and a pin #.
Then you click on coupons you want to use.
When you get to the store you need to scan an item first and then hit the
button on the screen that says Mperks, enter your cell number and that's it.
If you go to a teller, you will be able to do it on a screen as well.
 Great thing is you can double up and even triple up on coupon discounts.
If there is something in the mperks and the mealbox and you have a MQ it's an awesome deal.
This does happen from time to time.
No one from Meijer has ever called me on my cell because of this. It's been entirely safe for me.

Meijer 2/24

I've been wanting this chair since before Christmas, so glad I waited.
Originally $99
on sale $69
loaded on my Mperks account 20% off furniture purchase
loaded on my Mperks account $10/$50
I paid -$45.99
so dang happy about that.

Can you say Easter?
It's all on sale for 4/$2
used 4-.50/1 Air Heads in 2/6 SS
used 5 -.50/1 in 2/6 SS
used 2 - .50/2 HERE for Starburst (includes Skittles)

A&W was from Jewel I screwed up and included it with Meijer
On sale for $1-used .30/1 hang tags I found at CVS

The rest from Meijer
cuties on sale $4.99
used a $1 from no longer avail.

Carrots $1

Napkins $2 (no coupon)
Meijer jelly $1.79 (no coupon)
straws $1.49 (no coupons)
Hard to admit no coupons on the above, but that is what
happens when you you forget to stockpile certain items.
my total bill was - $65.87
less than the cost of the chair on sale

I love when a rain check pays off big. CVS

Remember when the Olay ProX cleanser was $10 with a $5 ECB?
Well, I got a rain check. Since then it's gone up to
$20. I also received a $5/1 ProX product MQ from Olay.
THEN 2 days ago I got a $5/1 Olay ProX product from CVS.
I gave him my rain check and was charged $10
then gave him the CVS coupon & the MQ
It was FREE at that point. BUT I got back a $5 ECB.
I got paid for getting the product from CVS.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects is $10.49 (Easter basket)
had a $2/1 MQ from 2/6 RP
Got back $2 ECB
The band bracelet is $1.99
Paid  $12.06
got $7 ECB back

Wags has tons of cheap clearance in the whole store

Goody bans were .75
tweezers .99
Had stuff on clearance in every isle at the 59 Wags.
Including foods, gum, candy,body wash.
You name it.

I shopped at JEWEL

Red Gold Tomatoes on sale .50 each
used $1/4 from 1/30 SS
final price - .25 ea.
Expiration dates were 2014!

Jewel Beans on sale .50 ea.
2013 expiration dates

Breathe Right $5.99
had a coupon for try it FREE

Natural ovens bread on sale $2.99
used . 60/1 HERE
final price - $2.39

Energizer batteries
on clearance .50 for 8 AAA

used $8.50 in RR

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Target is great this week!

buy 7 frozen foods get a $5 gift card
Birds Eye each $1.02
used 2-$1/3 in 1/23 SS
Target brand frozen yogurt cup .99
final price- .11 Money Maker (after GC)
2 pairs of Jeans on clearance $6.24 ea.
used 2- $5/1 pr. jeans on Target site (no longer avail.)
final price $1.24 (my daughter loves them)

Lots of clearance items
Bought my son clothing for next Winter.

2- winter hats- $1.24 ea.
Winter snow pants $4.24!
Misc. shirts  $1.98, $6.98, $6.98
Paid full price for the white sports shirt NEEDED it
for spring baseball practices. $9.99

I used $5 GC from first transaction
PLUS $10 GC from an earlier frozen food deal

total for all-$22.05

$25 worth of Restaurant Gift Cert. for $2  Weekly Promo Offer 125 X 125

Use code DINE to get $25 gift certificates for only $2 click HERE

Need Keys?

B1G1 single cut key FREE!
click HERE and "like them" on fb

Jewel Freezer Deal

In case you have not heard, the freezer at Jewel goes on sale 2/27 this Sunday! I bought one last year and actually got it the Saturday night before at the Schaumburg Jewel. I love mine, and it's always filled. It costs $160 BUT you get $160 worth of coupons with it. I held onto mine for B1G1deals and would get two items FREE! It's well worth it in my opinion.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Target 2/21-Buy 7 frozen foods, get a $5 gift card back

What you want to do is buy the least expensive frozen items you can find.
The Skinny cow ice cream cups were not the least exp. ice cream cups,
I was okay with paying a bit more for more product with less calories.
I did 2 transactions. Each trans. had 14 items in them. I got 2-$5 Gift Cards
each time. I used the first $10 in gift cards to pay for the second trans.
I had a .50/2 Totinos HERE
BUT the Tony's pizza are a better deal with .50/1 from 2/13 SS.
Target frozen veggies are .99 ea.
used $1/4 HERE
The Target brand burritos are .84.
They look good, with all white meat.
I paid $19.79 for all.

Not including the $10 gift cards I still have.(which do not expire)
The Skinny cows alone would have cost $19.52!(before tax)

Sunday, February 20, 2011


click HERE

Science Diet Dog Food Coupons

click HERE

$1/1 Chicken Sausage and it's very good.

click HERE


Click HERE and "like them on Face book"

Not much for me at CVS today

EOS lip Balm (LOVE IT)
get $2.99 ECB

CVS Vitamins B1G1
used $3.79 ECB
paid $3.53
got back $2.99 ECB

Walgreens 2/20

Kleenex Deal Today ONLY
Buy 6 Kleenex .89 w/in-ad coupon
Use 2 .50/3  in 1/2 SS or 2/13 SS
Pay $4.34, Get $1.50 Register Reward
Final Price: .48 each!

Brilliant Tampons $5.99
Get back $5 RR
Used $1/1 HERE
final price -FREE

Purex B1G1 FREE
used 2-$3/1 in 2/20 RP
final price- .99 ea.
(great for sending with your kids to College)

paid with $8 in RR
total OOP- $4.77
with $6.50 back in RR

Love this stuff

EOS Lip Balm $2.99 (Limit 1)
Get $2.99 ECB
Final Price: Free!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I've just realized something

Aside from RedBox, gas and RX I've not shopped at Jewel since the FREE hummas deal months ago.
It's been Meijer, Ultra or Dom's. Looksl ike it's down to Meijer and Ultra now.

Goodbye expired inserts, I'm going to miss you!

40 pnds. of Science Diet Dog Food FREE

Petsmart has them on sale for $5
must be the LIGHT
There is a $5/1 coupon in 1/9 SS
I only paid the tax

Thank you Melissa for the heads up,
and thank you Sandy for your coupons!

Friday, February 18, 2011

So much bad publicity with Dominick's

I've been staying clear from Dom's.
Not only do we need to worry bout whether or not they'll
take our expired coupons but now we have to look at all
the expiration dates on what we buy there too. It hardly
seems worth it anymore. If you have gone in the last two weeks
please comment, I'd like to hear about your experience.

Costco-Comcast-Direct T.V.

Got rid of comcast- Hallelujah!
Felt so good to cancel, then drop off those receivers.

Got Direct t.v. and we love it.
Much better picture. Much better everything.
No problems with reception. They made the satellites bigger so that's a non-issue.
We're saving $100 a month. That's $1,200.00 a year.
AND we are getting more channels with more options.
Direct t.v. customer service and installers have been awesome too.

Now to the Costco part- we signed up for Direct t.v. at Costso
and received an $180 Gift Card. SO the food above was FREE.

I SHOPPED! I was having withdrawal.

Yoplait on sale 10/$5
I bought 6- used -.40/6 in 2/13 GM
final price-.43 ea.

Breakstone Sour Cream on sale- $1.39
used .55/1 in 1/23 SS
final price-.84 ea.

Philadelphia cooking cream on sale $2.50
(already bought these, used the garlic on  pasta with chicken, broc. and carrots)
Used $1.50/1 HERE
PLUS .50/1 Meijer Mealbox
final price - .50 ea.

Baby carrots- $1.25

 Healthy Choice frozen meals on sale 5/$10
Used B5G1FREE in 1/2 SS
final price-$1.66
(not the best, but needed them)

Ronzoni pasta on sale $1
used $1/2 in 1/23 SS
Honestly I usually get these free,
but they are Dylan's favorite so I caved.
There is also $1/1 for the Garden Delights
They were sold out- but get a rain check
cause they are great for pasta salads. They will be free
with coupon.
final price- .50 ea.

Betty Crocker Cake mix on sale $1.25 ea
Betty Crocker Frosting on sale $1.50 ea.
used .75 when you buy cake and frosting  in 1/30 SS
final price- $1 ea.

 total bill-$21.05

Eggs are a great price also at Meijer there is
a .55/2 coupon at
Tyson Bonelss, skinless Chicken Breast is $1.99 a pound
Not the best trip, my fault I let the stockpile
go down too far before the next sale.

If your painting anytime soon.....B3G1 at Home Depot through 2/21!

Home Depot and Behr paint have teamed up to offer you a FREE can of paint (interior or exterior), primer, stain, waterproofer or decorative when you buy 3!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love this product, doubled with a great sale would be awesome!

click HERE


click HERE

Ultra 2/16

Frescheta on sale -$3.88 (limit 2)
I did 2 transactions
I used $1/1 no longer avail.
final price- $2.88

Colgate on sale .99
used 2-.71/1 in 1/30SS
final price- .24 ea.

Marcal t.p. .88
used $1/1 in 1/2 RP
final price- FREE

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


click HERE

$1/1 any Clearasil product

click HERE


click HERE

Lysol coupons

click HERE

FINALLY I figured out how to get them to look at the camera when I take a picture!

I put a treat right above the camera and they look up at it!
Why didn't I figure this out sooner? Am I dumb or what?
Are they not the cutest dogs you have ever seen?

Meijer has TONS of clearence items

I saw clearence in EVERY dept. Looked like were putting more out today.

Life is good in the hood!

Gillette ProGlide on clearence-$4.19
used- $4/1 in 1/30 PG
final price- .19 ea.!

Philladelphia Cooking cream $2.99
used $1.50/1 HERE
plus .50/1 in the MeijerMealbox
final price-.99
I really wanted to try these

Also got an extra $2 off my purchase
from the Mperks

total- $2.07!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Free frosty for a year (with purchase)!

Many locations are offering you a special key ring  you can buy for $1.00 which is donated to charity. The key ring entitles you to one FREE Jr. Frosty with every purchase through 2011.

I used this coupon last Summer to get awesome CHEAP Ribs.

It was also with a Target coupon.
Click HERE for $1/1 use zipcode 90210