Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meijer deal today- LOVE THIS STORE- total $47.46- gave me a $4 cat back

6- boxes rice select organic rice -FREE coupons on
1-box minute rice(.50 coupon)
3-boxes kool aid jammers(B3G$3)
3-boxes ritz crackers($2.50 a piece, B3G$3off, plus coupons for $1 each)
2-boxes of 12 oreo snack packs(buy 3, get $3 off- making them $3 each)
1-box of 12 chips ahoy snack packs(ditto, you can mix and match)
6- pillsbury grands(on sale for $1.09, buy 6 get a $4 cat back and use 3/$1 off 2 coupons-makes them a MM .46)
1- keebler snack pack
1-pack napkins
1-gallon milk(on sale)
1-Meijer cough syrup(on sale)
1lb grapes
2-jars jalapenos
4-cans kidney neans
1-can black beans
1- baked beans
1 1/2 pounds ground beef
4 pound center cut boneless pork loan