Friday, April 27, 2012

FREE is great

One of the above coupons I got from Meijer
One I got from a friend
and One I found at the register at Jewel with lots of other ones.
I now have 3 FREE Edy's snack cups
Remember theses are MQ, and can be used anywhere.
Regardless of the fact they have a store name on them.

Here are a couple of the others I found.
One is for $1 of a meat purchase.
You can use it on any meat purchase along with a MQ.

The second one is $1.50 off any household cleaning product.
Coupled with a MQ it can make for a great deal.

I recently used $1 off ANY hand wash. Well I used it on the Soft Soap when
it was $1. I bought 2 and used 2-.35 MQ (which are expired)
each bottle was .15!

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