Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I don't get JEWEL! PLEASE someone who understands this explain it to me!

So Jewel has a different deal everyday. I heard them advertising
it on the radio. Stating " You can come and get a different deal everyday!"
Who has the time or wants to go into Jewel everyday for a different deal?
Do they think the consumers are stupid? YES, they want us in the store
to spend money on more than the "deal a day", we all know that. At first I thought maybe
they were trying to weed out the couponers because as far as I can tell
they don't like us. Now it looks like they are making everyone mad.
PLUS when we give the store manufacturers coupons
 they get above the value of the coupon
from the manufacturers back to them.

Do you see the picture above? That ad is telling me
NOT to shop at the store! Why? Many reasons.
1. There is a limit of 1
2. I need an additional $10 purchase after coupon
3. I can only get that deal on Saturday and I'm too busy that day.

If I could have gone into the store and bought the Gatorade without any
of the rules above I would have bought 10. Which would mean
$30 plus for Jewel. Yes, I've got a $1 coupon, but they get that back.
I'm not the only person detoured from shopping there now.
I wonder if the manufacturers like this?
Makes no sense.
Anyone with answers please comment me. 
Am I missing something?

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