Thursday, November 15, 2012

Meijer total before coupons $82, after $38

Fridays Snacks on sale $4.99
used $1.50/1 I got off old boxes
final price- $3.49
Not a great price but my son's favorite

Brie is B1G1 at $5.99
used 1-$1/1 HERE
final price- $2.49 ea

17 lb. Butterball Tom Turkey $32.79
got an instant $17 off when you spend an additional $20
used $1/1 Butterball coupon I posted earlier,
but is no longer avail.
PLUS the $10 off Jewel coupon
final price-$5.79

Ground Round $4.51
not a great price but making chili 

I will be sending in for the $6 rebate once I find the Bud on sale.
You don't need to buy both items at the same store.
I found this rebate form at Jewel but have seen them everywhere.

Yoplait Simplait on sale .50
used 6-.30/1 HERE
final price- .20 ea.

Reddi Whip $3.79
loaded $1/1 13 oz. MPERKS
final price- $2.79

On sale $1 ea.
 FREE with coupons I found at Caputos a couple of days ago.

GE Reveal light bulbs $4.18 ea.
used 2-$1/1 in 9/16 SS
also used 2-$2/1 TARGETQ
final price- $1.18 ea. and got back the $2 cat below

Simply Organic Celery Salt $3.99
no coupon but it was the least expensive and I NEEDED IT!

Flippio Olive oil on sale $4.71
I had a Meijer store coupon for $1.50/1 cooking oil
also used $1/1 Flippio HERE
final price- $2.21

Purell Hand Sanitizer $2.99
used 2-$1/1 in 11/4 SS
also used 2-$1/1 TARGETQ
final price-.99

Meijer toilet paper $3.49
got it FREE when I loaded 
a mperks coupon on Saturday.
No longer available.

Ziploc containers on sale $2.01
used 2-$1/2 in 11/11 SS
also used 2-$1/2 TARGETQ
final price- $1.01

I also paid with a $5 RR from Wags.
I did end up buying a few items at higher prices than I normally
would pay. The Fridays snacks, the celery salt, ground beef,
and the Reddi Whip. Aside from the Fridays snacks I 
needed the other items for the Holidays and since I paid $5.79 for
my 17 lb. Turkey I don't feel so bad. 

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