Thursday, December 13, 2012


used $1/1 WYB a gallon of milk from a tear pad
final- $1.50

Ghiraldelli 2/$4
used 2-$1/1 print (if you got them, no longer avail.)
final- $1 each

Smart Balance Milk $3.43
used $1.50/1 in MPERKS
also used $1.50/1 in 11/18 SS
final price- .43

Simply Pure Milk $3.29
used $1.50/1 in MPERKS
also used $1/1 coupon below that Meijer keeps giving me
final price- .29

Funny how the healthy milks last longer than
the ones with all the preservatives in them!

For some reason I get defensive when a family member
tells me we are out of something in the stockpile!
They are almost always wrong, this time we only had
one butter left. Here ya go MARK!
(this stuff freezes very well too)

Country Crock $1.25
used 2-$1/1 HERE
final price- .25 ea.

Meijer Butter $2

Smart Balance on  sale .99
used 1- $3/3 HERE
2- .50/1 in 12/2 SS
final- 3 FREE
2 -.49 ea.

10 Tai Pei on sale $2 
used 5- B1G1 HERE
used 4- $1/1 HERE
final price- .60 each.
I could have used 1 more $1/1
but didn't have enough computers.

Well I saw this and thought it'd be great for my college
kid to bring back to school with her for some hot soup
this winter. Easy too.When I got to the store I saw something I love.
 CURRYand LENTIL!! They do have common
flavors too.
used $1/1 HERE
final price- $1.75

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