Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Learned something new today and what a load of SH--!

I was chasing a deal I read about in Jill Cataldo's blog.
It's the Hefty deal listed below.
Trash bags are SOOO over priced and hard to get
a great deal on. Since I was running errands I passed a few Jewels
on the way.
Below is the detail of the Hefty deal Jill found.

Below is a picture of them.

Below is the clearance deal at Irving Park Rd.in Streamwood.
$6.98! Of course I scanned it, then I spoke with someone near the isle, then I went to the service
desk. And they confirmed it was the clearance price and I told them it was not a reduced price.
It simply means they are getting rid of the product. I guess I'm an idiot because I thought it
meant a lower price. I showed them her Jill's blog ect. and they then told me not all
Jewel's have the same price on clearance.
WOW, talk about inconsistency!?
Of course I didn't buy them.
I then went to Carol Stream Jewel and below was their price.
Bartlett Jewel had the same price as Carol Stream.

I decided to buy 5 @ the $4.99
minus 5 - .55/1 in 9/15 SS
final - $4.44
because it's still a great deal,
and hard to find deals on these.
I looked in the isle at similar Hefty garbage bags
and they were priced $8.99

Carol Stream has many more and Bartlett has a few too.
Maybe Streamwood will mark them down eventually.
Bought the sauces on clearance as well.
Bob's sauce $1.50
and the Jerk Marinade $1.50

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