Monday, September 22, 2014

LOT'S of great Target deals this week!

I did three separate transaction because I was worried they
wouldn't take more than one of the coupons from the ad
insert we got this weekend!
Kleenex boxes ended up being .43 a box.
Found coupons for .75/1 bundle on the boxes at Target and Meijer.
Also coupons in inserts
total -$6.96

there's 6 boxes of Special K protein bars.
These was a $1/1 Q on the special moments.

the next total is for the two pics above.
for the dansani I used a coupon for a FREE
12 pack on my coke rewards account.
Each item ended up costing $1.05 each!

total - $23.23
t-shirts after discount $5.58
each of the other items $1.70
did my match ups
and HERE

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