Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Caputos 9/12 - total- $13.59

opps forgot the squash!

Romaine Lettuce- $1.49 ea
Corn 4/$1
Squash .39 a pnd.
Cantaloupe .50 ea.
Red Peppers .79 a pnd.
Gala Apples .89 a pnd.(bought 4.5 pnds)
 FINALLY a good price.
(it does say they are XL, but I found a bunch of small ones)
Zucchini .59 a pnd.
Onion .59 a pnd.
Alpin Lace Cheese is on sale $4.99 a pnd.
I used $1 off 6oz. or more
I got it from
You'll need to go to her site to get it cause I couldn't copy it.

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