Thursday, January 24, 2013

I LOVE random deals you don't plan for, but happen to have the coupons in your binder!

Dial clearance soap $1.26 
I had 2- $2/4 (no longer avail.)
that coupon was expiring in 7 days
PLUS and I didn't know this until I checked out,
it was B2G1FREE
final price- .44 each ( I think)

Budweiser is $14.47 for 24 pack of bottles
you get Frito Lay Family size chips for .1
Coupon above was everywhere. On the chips and the beer.
Scanned with no beeps. I did two transaction cause I'm not
sure if it's limited.
final price-10.47 for both!
Thank goodness for this deal, I was down to 2 cases!

The coupon/deal God was looking down on me today.
I literally used my last can today! My dogs get
dry but since Abby needs medicine everyday for the rest of her life it's easier
to mix it in her food with a little wet and since she's getting it the other two
need too.
These were on an end cap with clearance items.
.50 a can. Which is great. BUT I went into the dog food
isle and low and behold some of the cans had coupons
on them (look above)$1.50/10.
final price- .35 each

Moist and Meaty pouches also on clearance $2.99
I had a random coupon in my binder that I almost threw out 2 days ago.
final price- $1.49

Goya Jalapenos on clearance .69

Rosarita Beans and Oreos are part 
of the buy 10 items get $5 off instantly.

I used 4-.55/2 in 1/20 SS
final price- .48 ea,

Oreos $2.49
I had a $1/2 peelie
final price- $1.99 each

Looks like I can drink beer, eat chips, feed my dogs and
then wash my hands! Who wants to join me?

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