Monday, May 24, 2010

Today at Jewel-do not have time to let you know how I did it all BUT is a good example of why you should coupon.

5-Healthy Choice
6- Hunts diced tomoatoes
2-Keebler cracker packs
2-Sobe Water
3- Alexia snacks
2- Sweet Baby rays BBQ
1- Redi-whip cream
1-Minute Maid lemonaid
1-Store Brand soda


12- Fuze

My reciept was 42 inches long.
I got all this PLUS a case of water for a whopping $26.44 AND they gave me a $10 cat back.
Without coupons and pref. savings I would have spent $98.40

I will tell you about the FREE items.
Sweet Baby Rays is on sale for $1- use $1 off in 5/23 SS
Buy 10 poweraid and get 5 FREE-in store coupon
Buy 2 Keebler crackers and get a $1 off a store brand soda. The soda was .89 so I made
money on that one.

While your at Jewel grab a bunch of the ads, cut out the Heinz ketchup coupon (it's a MQ) and get to the Target at Barrington and Schaumburg road for FREE ketchup. They have it Heinz 40 oz. on a price cut for $1.
I went yesterday and today and it looks like no one has caught on yet, so there are plenty.